My Queensland garden on the first day of winter…

May 2015 garden 102_4000x3000

The Frangipani tree knows winter is here. Only a couple of rusty leaves still cling to the top most branches. It is a true tropical native and goes into hibernation at the slightest drop in the temperature. But mostly in this Southeast corner of Queensland there is not much difference in the seasons.

May 2015 garden 103_4000x3000

The bromeliads encircle the frangipani trunk only needing a small amount of water in the centre of their leaves to survive season after season. I recently gave Buddha a wash, it has been a wet Autumn and he was turning a delicate shade of green. Now he sits in pristine splendour and contemplates the fish pond.

May 2015 garden 007_4000x3000

A lone lily reaches to the sun.

May 2015 garden 110_4000x3000

It has been a good year for spiders and this guardian orb spider hangs hopefully in the Grevillea tree waiting for passing insects to be ensnared in his web. Look how big he is…

May 2015 garden 110 crop_1692x1257

Another timid spider hides in a leaf he has carefully curled around to make a hiding place.

May 2015 garden 108_2703x2260

Come round with me and see how the garden grows as winter here on the Goldcoast settles in…

May 2015 garden 011_4000x3000

May 2015 garden 024_4000x3000

The camellias are flowering well this year, thanks to the wet Autumn. In fact the garden is looking the greenest it has been for many years.

May 2015 garden 020_4000x3000

Did you notice this pot of lettuce in the previous photo? Autumn and winter is the best time for growing vegetables, not so many bugs.

May 2015 garden 017_4000x3000

More lettuce and the lavender starting to flower. In the back pot is a new dwarf lemon, it has been a bit of a struggle during summer with chewing things stripping the new leaves as they appear, but I think it is now on the road to recovery.

May 2015 garden 074_4000x3000

Now I am taking you into the front garden. Sit for a while on the bench and absorb the 50 shades of green!!! In the back of the border the Euphorbia “Snowflake” has burst into an exuberant impression of a winter snow storm.

May 2015 garden 050_4000x3000

May 2015 garden 049_4000x3000

But the Poinsettia bursts into a blaze of glory.

May 2015 garden 035_4000x3000

Can you see that touch of vibrant red behind the poinsettia?

Now I do know the name of this one, it flowers all year round, but I’m having a seniors moment and though it is on the tip of my tongue, well I’m sure you know what I mean!!! Maybe some one can name it for me…

UPDATE…. Thanks Lyn for reminding me that the elusive name of this plant is PENTAS. They are a perennial and come in many colours.

May 2015 garden 058_4000x3000

Remember the vegie patch Jack built for me last year? Well there it is.

Remember the kale mutilated by caterpillars? Well look at it now…

May 2015 garden 045_4000x3000

In the background is the “blues structure” or Jack’s hideaway for his meditation.

May 2015 garden 039_4000x3000

Known as the “blues” because sitting on the side is a small blues band that Jack created. Can you see them? Sit and listen for a while, use your imagination and sing your favourite song

The compost bin is round the corner and it is full to overflowing with all the pruning I have done since I arrived back from 2 weeks on the cruise followed by 4 weeks in New Zealand.

May 2015 garden 027_3000x4000

These are some of the flowers still showing. Now I will take you round the side of the house into the “Bali Corner”.

May 2015 garden 082_4000x3000

Follow me….

May 2015 garden 084_3000x4000

These stone pillars have been constructed by Jack. There are 6 of them and they are carefully covered with gem stones, crystals, opal, agates, thunder eggs and many other beautiful stones and minerals that have been found and fossicked for all over Australia on our many trips. Then cut by Jack to reveal the amazing colours and patterns concealed inside them. It was a labour of love that took almost 6 months.

May 2015 garden 085_4000x3000

May 2015 garden 030_4000x3000

Finally I would like to introduce you to our resident slug and snail terminator and very welcome visitor, Bluey, the blue tongue lizard.

jack and bluey 004

Well we are lucky here. It may be winter in name but it is certainly not winter as many of you living in the Northern hemisphere know it. In fact I love our mild winters. No humidity, lots of clear fresh days and cooler nights that make sleeping a pleasure tucked under an extra blanket.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look around the garden with me.

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41 thoughts on “My Queensland garden on the first day of winter…

  1. It’s interesting to come back and see the lemon tree!


  2. Reblogged this on Memories are made of this and commented:

    Jude is hosting a garden photography challenge on “Earth laughs in flowers” and the theme for January is “Winter”. Of course January is mid-summer in Australia, so to show you “Winter” down under I am re-blogging a post I did about my garden on June 1st 2015, the first day of winter down under.


  3. Your Garden is looking amazing, Pauline. And you still seem to have plenty of growth. Mine has gone into hibernation. Today I planted some cyclamen and some Primroses, for a much needed splash of colour.


    • Never get total hibernation over here Jill. In fact now is definitely the best time for growing vegies. Primroses are so spring like aren’t they.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Such luxuriant growth! It’s always lovely to wander round your garden, Pauline. I don’t even mind to sit in the shade a little while (and that seldom happens in England 🙂 )


  5. pattisj

    Slug and snail terminator–that’s a very handy tool to have around. Cute, too! I didn’t know poinsettias grow there! Enjoyed the blues band and the cozy spot to sit and look over the garden.


    • G’day Patti nice to have you join me. poinsettias grow very well here in a wet year, they do not like the drought times though…


  6. Pauline I love your blog you always show the things I love, those spiders and the Blue tong.
    They are harmless and contribute to the balance in our garden.
    Thanks for the tribute to B B King he was a real loss to everyone, he always gave his best and brings back memories from 1991 San Francisco blues festival. A sad loss, so was the harmless Carpet Python,
    we have no more beautiful iridescent Green Tree Snakes because of cats and ignorant people afraid of everything that moves. Sorry Pauline I rave on a bit. But the RSPCA is always on about caring for animals. They should educate people about the wild ones I love.
    Oh!! thanks for the link to my post and the B. B. video,

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Toni Is your plant an ixora???? here is the link to check it out to see if it is. love your garden, I love your poinsettia, I have a double red and yellow one, might have to do a swap for some of yours. cheers


    • I have been told it is a Pentas, and as soon as Lyn said the name I knew it was correct I just couldn’t for the life of me remember the name when I did the post. I know it is not an Ixora, similar shaped flower but I also have the Ixora in my garden and it is more orange than red. Thanks for looking it up for me. Would love to do a swap of cuttings…


  8. I’m ready to come south for your cool and dry winter, Pauline. Your garden looks lovely and green and inviting. I love that snowflake bush and that blue-tongued lizard. The whole thing must require a lot of work, but I take it you enjoy gardening. I think I’d like to meditate here. 🙂


  9. anny

    Thanks. Can I book in for a tour? Proceeds to another plant!!


  10. Oh, my goodness, what a glorious garden! I’d love to sit there with a cup of tea and a book…or prowl with a camera as you obviously did. Thanks for sharing!



  11. Hi Pauline. I haven’t written for a while as I have been going through some health issues. I had to sell my small bus but that is okay. Mick is now my carer and we have bought a 36ft Denning Denflex that will be traveled in. I am so grateful for Mick being willing to take this on. I have a mobility scooter to get me through distances. I do so miss my garden. Thank you for sharing yours. Are you heading down to Cooly Rocks this coming weekend? Should be fun though lots of people! Glad to hear you are well. I think I will improve when I get travelling again. Lots of love. Marilyn


    • Sorry to hear you have had health issues Marilyn, hope you are feeling much better by now. I had a look at a Denning Denflex on the internet it looks a lovely big bus. Is it all fitted out? Where are you planning to go?
      Yes we will be going to Cooly Rocks, haven’t been for about 3-4 years as we have usually been away at this time of the year. But we are home for a while, may be…


  12. A wonderland of a garden, Pauline. I love Jack’s pillars, and your resident lizard is a cutie. How well your veggie patch is doing too. Thanks for the tour. 🙂


  13. Those pillars are beautiful and a great way to store what must have been a really extensive collection. But the whole garden is an art work. I’m amazed how beautifully it survives your absences.


    • Those stones were all stored in boxes, lots of boxes, they are much better on show. Believe it or not we still have a couple of boxes lurking in the garage…
      A very good friend looks after the garden while I am away

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Wonderful Winter Wonderland of flowers Pauline… Loved each and everyone.. I loved the little house out of the leaf the spider had made.. And spotted a white hanging shell that is a novel idea. .. Oh that Winter’s here could be as colourful 🙂
    Many thanks for taking me around your garden.. Loved stopping by the blooms to take in their fragrances.. and I also pinched a little lettuce for my salad… 🙂 xxx

    Hugs Sue


  15. I think I would like your winters too.


    • I have far more energy in the winter than in our hot, humid summers Dawn. Might even get the kitchen painted….


  16. I was wondering where are the snakes? But a lizard works just as well, and is a lot less frightening. And now I know for sure. Maybe? You will be home long enough to eat that lettuce!


    • When we first came here we had tree snakes and the occasional brown snake, even a beautiful python (that a neighbour killed 😦 ) Unfortunately we have not seen any around for quite a while now. There has been a lot of redevelopment in this area with huge Mcmansions built covering the whole section and no room left for gardens. We are staying for a while, maybe!!!


  17. Lyn n David @ Meow-landa

    Oh so glad that you are both home safely and wonderful to see your garden again. Pauline I think it is a Pentas. They come in many colours. The butterflies love them and so do I. Do you remember the red ones in our garden? Well we also have 2 shades of pink now and a white one on the way. I will send a photo tomorrow and you can see if it is the same. Hope you are both well again and happy to be in your wonderful home and garden after your adventures. Love to you both.


    • YES thank you, of course it is the Pentas. I also have a pink and a mauve but they are not in flower at the moment. It’s annoying when I forget a name. Remember the Zygoes of yours that I took cuttings from? Well they are covered in buds and will be flowering for the first time very soon. We are both back to full health again and Jack is going back to the gym.


  18. What an exotic paradise you have, there are plants that we can only struggle to keep as houseplants. I love it Pauline, every unique little touch!


    • Thanks Gilly, but I miss a lot of your lovely English flowers, daffodils, bluebells, and roses are very hard to grow here, you can grow them but they take a lot of looking after and do not thrive in the humidity.


  19. Is it an Ixora PP?
    Lovely post. Your spiders freak me out of course lol!
    Did you frangipani leaves turn yellow before they dropped off? Mine are yellow right now but still a couple of flowers are hanging in there.


    • I thought of you and the spiders DJ… Yes the frangipanis leaves got that rust and went yellow just before they fell off. All my flowers gone, maybe you are a bit warmer up there…


  20. That red-flowered plant isn’t lantana is it?


    • No definitely not lantana Tish my lantana is not flowering at the moment. Isn’t it annoying. I’ll probably remember it tonight when I go to bed….

      Liked by 1 person

  21. What a totally magical garden, Pauline. I love the notion of a 50 shades-of-green bench.


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