Majestic Milford Sounds


During the 14 days cruise we called into 10 ports including Sydney, the starting point, and Auckland the disembark port. So almost every day we had a different place to explore.

From Sydney and along the coast of Australia it was a full day sailing and then a stop at Melbourne. Then another full day sailing to Hobart, before leaving Australia behind and taking 2 days sailing across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. So 4 full days at sea gave us time to explore all the Oosterdam had to offer on board.

Milford Sounds was to be our first sight of New Zealand, or as the Māori name it, Aotearoa, “land of the long white cloud”. These large liners could not go into the Sounds unless the weather was calm. Two of our friends had been on recent cruises that had missed the spectacular cruise through this World Heritage area due to wild weather.

But we were lucky…

cruise ship Milford Sounds pc 056_4000x3000

At 7am we rushed out to the Promenade Deck to see the misty, majestic cliffs of Milford Sounds slowly floating by.

We had been here before, but on a smaller boat. It was raining that day and the waterfalls were cascading down the sheer rock face. A very different experience to today. (Go here to see it)

“Milford Sounds has been judged the world’s top travel destination in an international survey (the 2008 Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards by TripAdvisor)[1][2] and is acclaimed as New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination.[3] Rudyard Kipling had previously called it the eighth Wonder of the World.[4]“(Wikipedia)

cruise ship Milford Sounds pc 005_4000x3000

cruise ship Milford Sounds pc 012_4000x3000

This was the small boat we went in last time and quite a number of passengers had booked to take this tour which would take them closer to the waterfalls and further into the fiord.

cruise ship Milford Sounds jc 2 046_4000x2664

I took so many photos, it is mesmerizing.

cruise ship Milford Sounds jc 008_4000x2664

See how every one is dressed? It was very chilly on deck.

cruise ship Milford Sounds pc 024_3000x4000

cruise ship Milford Sounds pc 051_4000x3000

By 11am we had moved through this fiord and could go inside and warm up with a cuppa and some food. But we still had 2 more fiords to cruise through. At 1pm we would be in Doubtful Sound

Dusky sound PC 044_4000x3000

By 1pm, as we sailed into Doubtful Sound, the mist had cleared and it can be seen why this land is called “the land of the long white cloud”

But the day is not over yet. At 3pm we sailed into Dusky Sound.

Slowly the mountain profile of this magical land disappears over the horizon and everyone on board is delighted that this time this huge liner was able to cruise through this very special place.

Now it was back to ship board life, as over night we sail to the next port of call. Tomorrow we wake up to Dunedin…

To be continued… 


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37 thoughts on “Majestic Milford Sounds

  1. I take back what I just said to Jack about the cruising life 🙂 🙂 You might just have persuaded me. Awe inspiring 🙂


  2. These sounds do look like magical places – great photos! Didn’t realize it would take so long to make the crossing to New Zealand – will have to stop saying Australia and New Zealand as if they are close neighbours.


    • Actually we are close neighbours it only takes 3.5 hours to fly from where I live on the Goldcoast to Auckland but on the cruise you stop off for a day at each of the ports along the east coast of the north and south island of NZ.


  3. You are providing armchair travel at it’s finest, thanks!


  4. Beautiful – I hope to return one day.


  5. It was a wonderful experience and you have given everyone a taste of what it is like.
    I felt really happy to be back, when I was waiting for my eggs to be cooked at breakfast, I started to sing an old song from the 60’s The Green Green Grass of Home. A lady next to me joined in, happiness is infectious. I asked where she was from, to my surprise she was a not a Kiwi she was from England.


  6. Super photos PP, and what a mesmerising place.


  7. Absolutely stunning! I would love to go there!


  8. Beautiful 🙂


  9. I didn’t know that Rudyard Kipling called Milford Sound the eight wonder of the world, Pauline! I haven’t been that far south. From your photos I can see I’m missing something. But golly gosh, it does look cold.


  10. poppytump

    Love all the stacked up mountains reaching down to the waters Pauline . What a place to visit ! The mist does look quite low … not surprised there was a bit of a chill factor brr 🙂
    Super photos .


  11. RoadNet Travel

    Reblogged this on RoadNet Travel and commented:
    Rain or shine, Milford Sound continues to captivate even the most experienced traveller.


  12. Great shots! The weather statistics tell it all- more likely to rain than not. Lucky you. We went in summer and it was freezing and wet.


  13. Lyn n DAVID @ Meow-landa

    Magnificent scenery and photos Pauline. Especially loved Doubtful Sound. Do you know why such a spectacular Sound has such an unusual name?


    • It was amazing scenery and this is what good old Wikipedia told me… Doubtful Sound was named ‘Doubtful Harbour’ in 1770 by Captain Cook, who did not enter the inlet as he was uncertain whether it was navigable under sail.[2] It was later renamed Doubtful Sound by whalers and sealers, although it is not technically a sound but a fiord.


  14. So very happy to see you two enjoying this remarkable experience. The fotos do justice to the place.


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