Bench Series : March #1 and a walk through Tyalgum

March is here.

I love March, the weather is not so humid, still hot, but bearable. Also in 2 weeks time we will be travelling again. I’m excited at the thought. AND it is my birthday month, actually Jack and I have our birthday on the same day so double the reason to celebrate.

Not having a car we have not been on many trips lately, but this weekend friends took us for a trip over the border to a small rural village with the strange name of Tyalgum. It is situated close to the rim of Mount Warning, the world’s largest extinct shield volcano.

Mount Warning

Mount Warning

There I found an old style village and benches every where, and they were all wooden. Excellent, as wooden benches is the theme for March.

Next door is a second-hand book shop.

Tylagum pc 029_4000x3000

 I spy another bench…

Tylagum pc 038_4000x3000

Interesting windows too. I love the colour. I’m sure Dawn of “Lingering Look at Windows” will like this one.

Tylagum pc 052_3166x2593

Further along the street is “Flutterbies” I am gong to have a quick peek in here, it looks interesting.

Tylagum pc 045_4000x3000 Tylagum pc 047_4000x3000 Tylagum pc 046_4000x3000

Did you notice the couple sitting outside having lunch? She had a very distinctive fashion style, very 1950’s.

Tylagum pc 056_3000x4000

This village is famous for its Community Hall as the acoustics are excellent and every year a “Classical Music Festival” is held here in September.

Tylagum jc 001_3660x2368

I enjoyed the day out in the country. Come for a stroll around with me. Here is a gallery of some of the other places around this village.

Tylagum pc 002_4000x3000

Jude of “Travel Words” loves benches and she would like us to share any benches we find on our travels in her “Bench Series”, I hope you don’t mind Jude but this week I have combined the benches with Jo’s “Monday Walks“, and even slipped in a window for Dawn at “Lingering Look at Widows.”

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66 thoughts on “Bench Series : March #1 and a walk through Tyalgum

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  2. excellent combination of themes – and the orange doors had me thinking of the wpc too -=ha!

    and the fashion lady shot was cool – those heels – and the slip under the dress – such a sense of the lady was given – enjoyed that – also the stroll and nice wooden bench find….also – is that a hand laid stone wall in the one photo (2nd hand book store) – looks old and very rustic….


    • I did that post before the WPC came around and yes it would’ve qualified. That young woman sure stood out in a small country village, I think she worked in one of the boutiques out having lunch. Yes I think that wall was hand laid, it certainly went with the rustic atmosphere of the village.

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  3. You need a LOVE button here. Delightful!


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  6. What better combination, Pauline, than Jo’s Monday Walk and Jude’s Benches. After all, we need somewhere to perch while taking in all your splendid views. Those orange windows are something too. Happy March Birthday. (Graham’s is tomorrow – looks like March festivities all round.)


  7. Happy birthday to you and your husband, Pauline. This looks like an adorable little village. I like the red-headed girl with the 50s style. 🙂


  8. Lovely, lovely photos! I’m so glad you will be traveling again. I’m looking forward to the pictures. Happy upcoming birthday to you both!


    • G’day Maddie lovely to hear from you, thanks for the comment and the birthday wishes. Hope all is going well for you…


  9. Happy birthday to you both – and happy travelling. I’ll look forward to seeing NZ through your eyes – not likely I’ll see it through my own, with Poland summoning me so vociferously. You’ve done another village proud – but then your eye is a genius.


    • Thanks Meg that is a lovely comment and I can thank you also for sharing Poland with me as it is a country I knew so little about, and thank you for the BD wishes


  10. It is impossible to capture the. Beauty and charm of this area but you have come close.
    It is an inspiration to an artist and a would be artist it got me sketching.


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  12. Oh! P. S. Happy Birthday 😍!


  13. These are WONDERFUL. So many benches and such fun photos. The 50’s girl is holding a cigarette just like everyone did in the ’50’s. Adds to the look. (Not to her health, though 😫 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s right, I’d forgotten that. It was so cool to have a cigarette back then before they knew what it was doing to their lungs…


  14. I love the look of that bookstore! My husband and I are March birthday people two, precisely two weeks apart. His birthday is today, as a matter of fact. Happy birthday and happy travels to you both.



  15. Beautiful photos. I like the fence that looks like it goes through the trees. The sunshine and people not wearing jerseys or coats makes me long for spring that much more.


  16. Fabulous post PP – (clever post some would say) – each component seemed to say Look at Me in a lovely way. I wouldn’t mind a day in a place just like that – the gift shop looks ‘very interesting’ and I’m sure I’d find something to buy there.
    Did you know there is a fence meme? – I keep scrolling up and down to have another look at you photos – Benches, walks, windows, and now fences, You should maybe link up there as well.


    • Lovely comment Cathy I appreciate it. I was not too sure about putting so much in so it was good to hear you enjoyed it. I certainly had a great day out with good friends. Had a look at the fence blog, very interesting. I do have lots of fences….


  17. Mount Warning sound like a very good name for a volcano. You have some wonderful benches and windows here. What a lovely village! 🙂


  18. Stunning countryside, volcano included, and what a pretty village. They are obviously into vintage stuff there. In the last photo it looks like the fence has been cut into the trees? I’m looking forward to your travels 🙂


    • This corner of Australia is beautiful Gilly. There is plenty to browse around the gift shops were chocka with good stuff. I was fascinated with the fence. I’m looking forward to my travels too…


  19. I really liked that bike propped up by the fence, and your lovely opening shot with the volcano in the background, Pauline. Travelling again- I’m quietly envious 🙂 Thank you so much for the walk and the good company I’m keeping. 🙂
    My Uncle Jakub and his wife Czescia share a birthday too. It’s quite uncommon, isn’t it? You must be kindred souls, you and Jack. Are you away for your birthdays?

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is a very scenic area Jo, lots of walks around here, but we need a car to get to them… Maybe when we get back from our next trip!!!
      My sister was born on my Mothers birthday.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. What a colourful collection of photos! Looks like a lovely place to visit. 🙂


  21. I don’t mind at all PP – I think you are very clever to combine three challenges into one post! I loved the stroll around the village and Dawn’s window too. The fifties style seems to be very fashionable at the moment, I was too young for the dresses then and too overweight to fit in them now! Somewhere over the last ten years I lost my waist 😉


    • I was a 50’s teenager. Loved every thing about that era. But I was not a girlie girl and into dresses I had the tight drainpipes and imitation bright orange jacket. My waist and every thing else has gone missing, or given way to gravity, too Jude 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Oh yes I do love that window but then I love everything about this post. Wow to the fence/trees!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Looks like a charming village – good bench collection too. The great ’50’s’ style dress you photographed seems all the rage this year with our spring collection in the stores looking like they belong in a jive competition.


  24. lucky you !!! New Zealand is a lovely country I’d love to visit one day……..


    • I lived there nearly 40 years Gwen and I still have a son and daughter living over there plus friends to visit. I love going over there.


      • Lucky you !!! Is it not very different from Australia ? I mean the flora and fauna and the landscape ? I hope you’ll have a great time over there ! Enjoy !!!


        • It is quite different to Australia in many ways.


          • that’s what I thought, from what I have seen so far on tv they are different worlds, how far is New Zealand from East-Australia, I mean, how many hours of flying ? And can you do this travelling by boat from Australia to New Zealand ?


            • It is approx. 3 hour flight, this time we are going to be cruising from Sydney to Auckland on a 14 day cruise. It will be the first time I have been on a cruise so I am really looking forward to it.


              • a cruise !!! how wonderful !!! I would like to go on a cruise too but my hub is not so keen… but he promised me that one day we’ll go on a cruise, in a few months time we’ll be pensioners so we’ll have the time.


                • This will be the first time we have been on a cruise so it will be interesting…Actually once you retire you will find that you have so much you can do that you will wonder how you ever had time to go to work!!!


                • yes, that’s what I hear from others who are already retired 😀 I am sooooo much looking forward to it !


                • It is a great time of life so keep well and enjoy…


  25. Lovely benches. 🙂


  26. Where are you heading off too. We just came back from a 4 month Caravan trip across to SA and up to Mildura and free camped most of the time. I would not do another summer trip as it was terribly hot 50+ many days. And no air con was not the best. Happy travels for you and have a safe trip

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are cruising across to New Zealand then staying there for a while visiting family and exploring. Should be a good trip.
      Summer is rather uncomfortable for camping especially this year it has been very hot.

      Liked by 2 people

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