Travel Theme : Details

I find flowers are fascinating in their variety of colours, shapes and intricate details. I try to capture these details. It is often difficult to get sharp images in close up as even the slightest puff of wind can cause the flowers to shimmy and shake, but I still try…

In 2010 I timed our journey of discovery around Australia so that I could be in Western Australia in spring when the wild flowers were in bloom. The sight of carpets of colour stretching to the horizon took me on a 3 month journey from North to South along Western Australia’s trail of flower wonderland.

It was a dream come true for me. Now I have hundreds of images on my hard drive and  I can look at them any time I want to be transported back to that magic time and have a flower fix…

I would like to share some of them with you for this weeks “Travel Theme” from Ailsa.

Alens Flower drive pc 021

The texture of this flower makes me think of delicate tissue paper. I must confess that I do not know many of the flowers names. There are at least 12000 species to be found, they are one of the most spectacular displays in the world.

Mullewa pc 033

Many are very tiny and yet they are vibrant. Look at the scattering of pollen on this dainty plant.

Kalbarri flower pc 053_3264x2448

Kalbarri flower pc 053 crop

The Kangaroo Paw is a favourite of mine, the unusual shape and looking closely you can see how the stamens are poised to attract insects and dab them with pollen.

The Princess Gum pops open its flower bud to reveal a powder puff of stamens. Look closer and you will notice the bee busily doing it’s job.

donkey orchid enhanced

Orchids come in many shapes, colours and sizes. This is the Donkey Orchid. Can you see why it is called this?

green hooded orchid mullewa

This is the green hooded orchid. Can you see the detail of a small spider’s web?

WF Leseur np pc 071_3264x2448

WF Leseur np pc 071 crop

I’m running out of words to describe all these amazing plants.

Tarath np PC 027

Finally this beetle is trying to rival the beauty of the flowers. I think it has succeeded.


Here is a Johnny Joke for you…

The teacher asked young Johnny to write a sentence using the words defence, defeat and detail.

Johnny thought for a while then put pen to paper.

When he took it to the teacher she read..

“The cow jumped over de fence, de feet before de tail…. “

Have a happy week….



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55 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Details

  1. exotically fabulously wonderful.. such is nature.. and those photo’s are lovely Pauline..


  2. holy macros pomme…. wow – stunning – and nice to see your skill at taking some close ups – and the opening orange one is my fav – but some of the fuzz and fur shots were cool too.


  3. Each of these photos was more amazing than the last – well done! Hope you get around to sharing more😃


  4. Beautiful flowers, especially the blue/lilac one. The beetle really outdid itself as well – very striking.


  5. Pauline, these are some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen! That beetle looks huge – and also beautiful. And very nice Johnny joke. 🙂


    • Thanks Maddie, good to hear from you. I didn’t realise you were back with us, you had slipped off my radar so it is good to find you again I will check you out. See you soon…


  6. Amazing photos Pauline yes the flowers are wonderful here in WA in the spring! I haven’t been further north than Lancelin myself although we have been many times down to the south west and up into the hills. It would have been an incredible experience to drive down from the north to the south in wild flower season! Have a lovely weekend 🙂


  7. Amazed at the variety in your stunning bouquet Pauline!! And that gorgeous beetle reminds me of an Egyptian scarab pendant! Beautiful!


  8. The photos are absolutely stunning! Love the Johnny joke! lol


  9. So absolutely beautiful captures 🙂


  10. Really wonderful details Pomme, and I love your closing 🙂 The flowers are great, but that beetle is amazing!!


  11. Fabulous flower images, Pauline, and your beetle is incredibly beautiful. Wonderful set.


  12. wow sooooo many beauties !!!!


  13. Super, super photos PP! Love the close-ups and what a spectacular beetle! Now I want MORE details of where and when you found these beauties. I have just heard that eldest son is relocating to Perth for a couple of years and I want to visit him there so I can explore that side of Oz more. If I can time it right to find flowers such as these then I shall be a very happy woman 😀


  14. I love these photos. For someone planning a road trip to Western Australia, what months would you recommend for best flower viewing?.


    • The flowers start appearing up north approx. July/August. We spent 3 months travelling slowly south. We were lucky 2010 was a very good year for the flowers they had winter rain that year, it does depend on the season how good the displays are. Kalbarri is a definite must see if you love flowers and dramatic scenery. Are you planning to come over here?


      • Yes, we definitely want to make a trip over there but likely it will be between dogs. We won’t leave Zoe for an extended period of overseas travel and we’d like to take our time exploring Australia. In the meantime, I will put Kalbarri down on our Australia list of places to see.


        • So much to see over here, you will love it and appreciate it the way you travel slowly to take in all the opportunities. We travelled for a year, did 37000km and still didn’t see it all…


  15. Love the Johnny joke! It went down well before breakfast.:) Your flower details are amazing and fascinating, Pauline. The first one looks like a Poppy, and it’s absolutely gorgeous Yes, I do see the donkey. The colours on that beetle are really lovely. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics. 🙂


  16. Gorgeous burst of sunshine! Lovely variety…


  17. Pauline my dear these photos are wonderful! I love the green hooded orchid and the beetle, and the petals of the first look like cornflakes to me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cornflakes is a really good description of that first flower, love it Gilly. Those orchids are very shy little flowers so it is a real thrill when I find one.


  18. Magnificent photos. I love the way the camera sees more than the naked eye – pollen for example, and into the heart of an orchid. That beetle is stunning.


  19. Great detail! It always amazes me that every flower is so uniquely different!


    • Plants are perfectly adapted to their environment, many of them in WA can only be pollinated by one particular insect or moth or bird or the wind, so alter any of those and the plant dies out.


  20. Your flowers are beautiful but that beetle is spectacular.


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