Time for topping trees…



These trees were last trimmed, down to the level of the fence, approximately 4 years ago. Just look how they have grown. So it is time to get “Big Jim” and his team in to get them back under control.

Ready to climb

Ready to climb

It was poetry in motion watching him working.

Big Jim tree cutting 039_3000x4000

Meanwhile in the front garden the team were thinning out the Golden Cane Palms.

Big Jim tree cutting 017_4000x3000

Jack helps drag the branches round to the mulcher. What team work…

Big Jim tree cutting 057_4000x3000

With the leaning palm fronds down there is more light getting to my no-dig veggie patch.

Big Jim tree cutting 049_4000x3000

The big paper bark and gum are not really very suitable for such a small garden, but we inherited them when we bought the house in 1998. being natives we are not allowed to chop them right down. It looks quite a drastic prune but in next to no time they will be shooting out new branches.

Oct 2014 garden pc 007_3000x4000

The paper bark flowered so well this year, but it will be a while before it looks like this again.

Thanks Jim and your team for a good job.

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21 thoughts on “Time for topping trees…

  1. We were in CA last month and watched a tree trimming crew taking care of a MONSTROUS tree, the oldest in Santa Monica (I think a cedar but could be wrong). Poetry in motion is exactly the term I’d use! Fun to watch it again, albeit In your Photos!


    • It is good to watch some one who is good at their job. These guys tackle the BIG trees too, so ours was an easy job for them. Jack used to do all our large pruning, but I won’t let him now…


  2. And then there was light!!! 🙂 A very Merry Christmas to you and Jack, Pauline. Enjoy your picnic 🙂


  3. like the “poetry in motion” 🙂
    and what job! whew – but has to be done… and we have a front tree that needs to be removed – it is small and should not be difficult – it has a bark rot and I treated it and that helped, but think it is too far in there – I did not ctahc it quick enough. The peach tree int he back got the same thing – it is like some fungus that grows – and well, it is super easy to treat – dust it with DE or something else and voila – but needs to b caught early.
    oh and looks like the net is doing its job just fine -<3


  4. Hi Pauline. I am now down at Eurangella. Thought I left the grass growing at home but it has been worse with the storms down here. Growing behind me again! Would love to catch up early in the new year if you have time. So keen to say hello in flesh and talk about your adventures. Mick goes back to work in the second week of January, so if you have time, would love to catch up. Marilyn


    • G’day Marilyn that is a great idea. We will still be around, trying to find some where cool. Get back in touch next year!!!! and we can have a get together… 🙂


  5. Such a lot of work, Pauline, but the team+Jack, look very efficient indeed. Now for some really healthy veggies. 🙂


  6. poppytump

    It all looks so efficient Pauline ! As Jack says team work 🙂
    How will your veggies fare with all the extra sunlight now I wonder ….


    • They are facing east Poppy so they now get about 5-6 hours of morning sun, which veggies love, and then they are shaded as the hot (very hot at the moment) afternoon sun goes behind the palms giving them good shade from the heat. That is the theory, time will tell. Every thing growing very fast at the moment with all the storms passing through regularly.

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  7. Nice post Pauline it showed the activity.
    How a team working together can be a pleasure.
    My kind of people taking pride in their work.
    It reminded me of old times working at jobs I loved.

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  8. I always feel sad when trees are beinf lopped though I know it has to be done and its a shock to begin with when first cut. Looks like a very lush area 🙂


    • I agree it is sad to see the trees topped, but they will grow way too tall where they are, if left, and be a danger to us and our neighbours. This year is a good growth year so a good time to prune as if it was a drought year I would have to leave them. Hopefully they will recover quite quickly. Thank you for dropping by and reading and commenting on my post, I love to hear from other bloggers.

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  9. I can’t believe how fast trees grow in Australia!

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  10. A good record of necessary aboriculture. Reminds me that I’ll lose some of my front yard foliage while I’m away – a melaleuca felled at my expense after it split, and about six trees pruned by the electricity company.


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