Another day, another outing. Let’s go to gaol

South West Rocks P C 001_4000x3000

There is so much beauty along this coast and it is also steeped in history.

“The cape was named Smoky Cape by Captain Cook when he passed it on 13 May 1770, writing of “a point or headland, on which were fires that Caused a great Quantity of smook, which occasioned my giving it the name of Smooky Cape”.[2] Smook was his usual spelling of smoke, the spelling for the cape now follows the modern spelling. The hills there were an important meeting place for aboriginal people from various surrounding areas, it’s possible Cook saw fires from such a gathering.[3]

A lighthouse was proposed for the cape in 1886 and completed in 1891. Known as the Smoky Cape Lighthouse it was built from concrete and local granite aggregate in an octagonal shape at the highest point on the cape.” (from Wikipedia)

Before walking up to the lighthouse we take a short stroll through the bush.

South West Rocks P C 006_3000x4000

A relaxing stroll

South West Rocks P C 013_4000x3000

“Smoky Cape Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located on Smoky Cape, a headland east of the town of South West Rocks, New South Wales, Australia, and within the Hat Head National Park. It directs boats towards the entrance to the Macleay River, which is located just to the north of the lighthouse.[2]

It is one of the last major lighthouse complexes designed by the New South Wales colonial architect of the time, James Barnet,[3] and was one of Australia’s last lighthouses to be designed for architectural excellence.[4] Standing on a granite headland 140 metres (460 ft) above the sea, its light is the highest in New South Wales.[5]“(From Wikipedia)

The path is steep but the views are spectacular.

South West Rocks P C 030_3000x4000

Looking North

Looking North

B&B cottages

B&B cottages

On the way up we pass these cottages. Staying here you would get fit walking up and down to your accommodation.

South West Rocks P C 023_3000x4000

From the top the view South is as stunning.

View South

View South

A short drive away is the Trial Bay Gaol.

South West Rocks P C 031_4000x3000

Step back in time and soak up the history and the amazing coastal views that surround it.

The gaol opened in 1886, after 13 years of construction. It must have been a strange feeling building a prison in such a beautiful setting. The prison labourers were there to construct a breakwater to make Trial Bay a safe harbour between Sydney and Brisbane. Unfortunately the scheme failed, however you’ll still be able to see the remains of the breakwater from the guard tower lookout. During World War I the gaol became an internment camp for people of German descent who were feared to be enemy sympathisers.

Today, this picturesque historic ruin stands as a testament to those who lived and died here, with a museum and memorial for visitors to get a better idea of life in those days.

That little dog is the back seat driver...

That little dog is the back seat driver…

South West Rocks P C 040_4000x3000

Very solid construction

Very solid construction

South West Rocks P C 042_4000x3000

These are the only inmates we saw and they seemed to have the run of the place.

Laying down on the job

Laying down on the job

I can imagine that back when this gaol was in operation it was one of the more liberal prisons, and what a million dollar location.

Time to head for home but we have one more stop on the way… to be continued

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14 thoughts on “Another day, another outing. Let’s go to gaol

  1. Book me into one of those cottages, Pauline! I’m sure I can handle the walk up and down for those views. The lighthouse looks superb 🙂


  2. I was captivated by the arches…the bones of the place are beautiful. I hope that maybe that added a tiny bit of pleasure to the lives of those held captive there…

    I love the kangaroos just hanging out. That is definitely something I never see here!


  3. Pingback: On the way home : Lingering Look at Windows | gypsy life

  4. I love hearing about James Cook! Love lighthouses too, so this is a very good post for me. And Yvette is right about the photos – some cracking shots here PP 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved this post. I’m from Alaska and it’s always interesting to see where Captain Cook left his stamp around the world. Alaska and Hawaii are full of Cook history and place names and I imagine you have your share in Australia.

    Alaska has a currently-operating prison on Resurrection Bay near Seward–one of the most beautiful settings imaginable. This may beat it, though! I always wondered how it felt to be imprisoned in an area of such spectacular beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for calling by I appreciate your comment. I think these prisoners were quite lucky. Most of them were end of term prisoners with only a short while of imprisonment left to serve and they were given some leeway, even allowed to go swimming in the ocean and form music groups and bands. They did not have many escapees, if they did they would be sent to another tougher prison.

      Captain Cook was a great man and as you say many parts of the world can celebrate his visits.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh Pomme = I look foreword to the next stop – but this post leaves with a few images that I absolutely love. well all are good and make for a splendid walk – and I love the texture on the side angle of the stone wall and the dog with the bikers – and the kids on the path – because people shots always make the post richer (IMO) – anyhow, the first photo with the trees along the path was mysteriously cool – the bits of white and the while feel almost felt edited and filtered – wow –

    but the gem of the post – and the award winning shot here is the arch within the arch photo below the bikers.

    I totally love that shot because you give us a three arches and then the door with that pointed roofline – and all the bars – and the broken bars caught with the scrappy bricks letting in just the right amount of clouds and a blue sky – which contrasts a warm feel against the cold steel – and the side bricks you give us. and then there is just enough light of the sky above the 3rd arch – where if you stood a little taller or held the camera up it would have missed this gap – and so it is just a unique shot and shows your taste and eye for things. seriously – I am not sure what kind of an award to give it – but it gets one from moi.

    thanks for a nice walk – it is raining and chilly here and so this was nice…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow Yvette I think you have felt just what I tried to capture in these “immaculate” ruins. Extremely photogenic, but also I felt they had been “tidied up” for tourists. The inside of the cell was white washed, no marks or graffiti on the walls that I’m sure must’ve been there. But the whole place was amazing for the angle shots. I think the essence of travel is the people, they make a journey memorable. We both came home with almost full memory cards, then there is the extra enjoyment of sorting through them all. Thank you for your very encouraging comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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