Beach Walk : Joining Jo’s Monday Walk Group

Valla Beach is only a 5 minute car drive away and this is where we take Rufus for his morning walk.

First a stroll through a small patch of rain forest

First a stroll through a small patch of rain forest

Across the boardwalk

Across the boardwalk

Those shells on a tree stump look interesting

Those shells on a tree stump look interesting

Let's have a closer look

Let’s have a closer look

There's the ocean

There’s the ocean


We have the beach all to ourselves.

We have the beach all to ourselves.

Jack spends time fossicking for shells

Jack spends time fossicking for shells

It's starting to look like rain, time to head back

It’s starting to look like rain, time to head back

Have a drink of water Rufus.

Have a drink of water Rufus.

Just a short walk this week, hope the sea air refreshed you.


Jo invites us to join her on a weekly walk and take us for a walk in our parts of the world.

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29 thoughts on “Beach Walk : Joining Jo’s Monday Walk Group

  1. I do so love beaches…and I wonder who left all those lovely shells on the stump…there’s a story there, I’m sure…

    Rufus is a handsome fellow! =D


    • I think that the shells have just become an on going collection by beach goers adding to them. That’s my thoughts…Rufus was a very loving dog, followed me every where.

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  2. I feel SO refreshed after this walk, Pauline (and I still think Rufus is a beautiful looking dog!) 😉


  3. Hey Pomme – I did enjoy the sea air – and the 6th photo down was my fav – just calm and serene – but I also like the paths and shells – and little slice of heaven you have right there. 🙂


  4. You are SO lucky to live in such a beautiful country – a boardwalk through a rain forest to a beautiful and empty beach! Wish I were there… permanently [feeling very jealous] 😛

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    • You’ll be able to enjoy it soon Jude…


      • Oh yes, but I think it will be much more crowded where I am going to be!


        • I’m sure you’ll find some secluded places Jude


          • I’ll give it a go. Have you or Jack any recommendations for places I shouldn’t miss in Sydney? I’ll be in the city for 5 days. And in the northern beaches for 2 weeks.


            • If you haven’t already done it book a tour of the Opera House, it is amazing. I also always go to the art gallery and walk through the botanic gardens, and go to the Rocks markets on a weekend. Jack says a ferry ride on the harbour is a must, a walk around Darling Harbour has many attractions, including the beautiful, peaceful Chinese Gardens. I’m sure you’ll find many more to fill 2 weeks.


  5. I love seashell’s and whenever we are on a beach I am always looking for shell’s, I guess you can find some amazing shell’s on the beaches of Australia, over here they are less exotic ofcourse as our seawater is rather cold, but never the lee, I love them.


    • Jack has quite an interesting collection of shells, he’s always keeping a look for them on our beach walks Gwennie


      • I have always wanted to live close to the sea alas it was not meant to be but when we go on holiday it must be near some sea and beaches, not for the sunbathing but I love to read a book on the beach and go for a swim when it gets too hot and then ofcourse I am always looking out for shells and small beautiful pebbles which I use to decorate my plants with.


  6. I can tell Rufus has bonded with you from the photos! What a gorgeous beach & place you are house sitting!


  7. This kind of walk always reminds me of Christine, Pauline. I loved the shell collection. 🙂
    Thank you for taking the time and effort to post this. The photos did indeed load ok and I’ve just managed to squeeze it into this weeks walk. It’s quite a long one and I was still ‘tweaking’ and finishing it off when your comment came in. Have a good week. Love to you and Jack 🙂

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  9. Cindy Naidoo

    Thank u for that refreshing Monday walk 🙂


  10. It was not so much a short walk as a slow Wi-Fi connection,
    Nothing can convey the wonder of a walk on a deserted beach.
    But you deserve thanks for your effort.
    I enjoy every walk we have together. Thanks.

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  11. So lovely….whose Rufus?????


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