I’m totally immersed in the splendour of Spring.

I LOVE to visit Botanic Gardens and I have been holding back a visit to the Canberra Botanic Gardens waiting for Spring to warm the air and coax the trees and blossoms from their winter slumber.

It was worth the wait.

Come with me for a walk around. These Botanic Gardens are special as they capture the diversity of all areas of Australia. Only native Australian plants are showcased. It has the world’s most comprehensive display of living Australian native plants. A place for recreation, inspiration, science and learning. 

Welcome! To the world of Australian plants, botany and horticulture!

Canberra botanic gardens pc 004_4000x3000

The light is magic, perfect conditions to take in the glory of nature.  This is going to be a day to savour, so first we fortify with a shot of caffeine.

Canberra botanic gardens pc 011_4000x3000

A snack on the deck

A seat near the frog pond

A seat near the frog pond

The motorbike frogs are in full voice as we pass by.

Botanic gardens 2 PC sx40 033_4000x3000

Botanic gardens 2 PC sx40 034_4000x3000

Botanic gardens 2 PC sx40 036_3000x4000

The atmosphere of the rainforest is damp and cold, like the rainforests of Tasmania. The many broad leaf plants of the tropical rainforest are also in this area but they cannot replicate the steamy jungle feel of the tropical rainforest. Soon I will be back home in that tropical climate, I think I will miss the freshness of the Canberra climate as I sweat through the heat and humidity of summer.

Back into the sunlight and the Banksia are in flower. Beacons of light and full of nectar for the birds.

Canberra botanic gardens pc 039_4000x3000

Canberra botanic gardens pc 058_4000x3000

Tracks and paths meander in all directions. Everywhere is a rhapsody of spring. I am in photography overload.

Xanthorrhoea plant

Xanthorrhoea plant

These are unique and interesting native plants, pop over to Madoqua’s blog, “Have you ever” she has actually grown some from seed, an amazing achievement, and you can read about them.

Another path and another region of Australia.

Canberra botanic gardens pc 053_4000x3000

Can you spot Jack taking photos?

Canberra botanic gardens pc 099_3000x4000

Jack feels at home in this area, born in Sydney he spent his childhood wandering through the bush with his little dog Pinto. Most of that bush is now suburbia. Botanic Gardens are needed to preserve what is rapidly being lost to urban development.

Canberra botanic gardens pc 100_4000x3000

They have even recreated the iconic red centre, not easy to achieve in this climate.

Then everywhere are the magnificent gum trees. For me the gum tree shouts Australia. So many varieties and 67 of those varieties are spread through these gardens. The soft silver trunk splashed with all the colours of the spectrum. Others with bark thick and knobbly. Pioneers were amazed to see these trees that shed their bark and not their leaves. Round every bend they towered over the surrounding bush, calling to be photographed, again and again…


Botanic gardens 2 PC sx40 057_4000x3000

Beautiful trunk colours

The wattles have been flowering around Canberra for weeks. The happy splash of yellow brightens all the suburbs and they are also on show through these gardens.

Canberra botanic gardens pc 108_4000x3000

This has been a day to remember, walking through nature is good for the soul. The beauty of these gardens highlights how diverse the plants are in this huge land. From the rainforests to the deserts and vast grasslands they are all represented in this Botanic Garden. A definite must see if you are in Canberra.

Could not resist adding one more photo...

Could not resist adding one more photo…


Now for another coffee stop before we head home.


I am joining Jo’s cyber walking group this week. Jo leads people from all over the world as they walk us around their home towns and other places of interest.

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23 thoughts on “I’m totally immersed in the splendour of Spring.

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  2. Joan and Terry Watson

    Oh how lovely, GC are trying to do this also, BUT it does not look that good, maybe it is too humid.


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  4. Wonderfully diverse! What a place for a wander….thanks for the tour, Pauline 🙂


  5. My favourite walks are in gardens, and I have a feeling that I may have been here, though I don’t remember it quite the way you have photographed it. I do have a recollection of all the different eucalyptus and I know I have a photo of the trunk of one or two of them lying somewhere in a shoe-box as I loved the textures. A hugely diverse garden – from those colourful Banksias to the dramatic stag-horn ferns. And I have been fortunate to have visited many of these regions (though not Tassie) myself, which is why I was so startled by the Logan Botanic Garden in Scotland with its Australian garden!

    I have loved all your posts about Canberra, hope there will be a few more to come before you set off back home.
    Jude xx


    • It would be a surprise to find a small bit of Australia in cold Scotland Jude.

      I still have hundreds of photos on the hard drive and quite a number of places to write about. So busy seeing things it is hard to keep up with the blogs. But soon I will be home and will have time then, maybe….


      • What? Nothing else planned?


        • Well possibly got plans for a trip to NZ to see my family 2015. Hot off the press, we found out today, we may be house sitting near Nambucca Heads during October for 12 days….

          At this time last year we already had most of 2014 planned!!! We’re slipping, slowing down!!!!!


  6. Motorbike frogs! There’s an image, Pauline! 🙂 🙂 The Banksia are stunning in flower, aren’t they? What a fabulous place to spend a day. Thank you so much for sharing. This is really wonderful. Hugs!


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  8. Lucky you! Gorgeousness! Great photos too~


    • Thanks Cindy, I’m really enjoying the glory of spring. We don’t get such a dramatic awakening in Queensland, it is green all the time, that is if it isn’t brown with a drought…


  9. Perfect time to be there, I think, Pommy. It was a fantastic walk around the gardens – bracing air and all the bush’s dynamism on full show.


  10. That was very cool. It’s so different from this side of the world. I just love it!


  11. Great post of another wonderful day shared with you.
    Reminding me of my barefoot days in Sydney with Pinto.
    You have recorded it all to remind us of the good times when get old.
    I am pleased you did not zoom in on me.
    That would have burst the bubble of allusion.
    As all things are subject to change even my memory.
    Actually my memory has improved.
    I have forgotten all the negative bits of my younger days.
    That is the good side of a poor memory. _/\_

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