Busy, Bustling Bungendore.

This time we take the scenic route to Goulburn. Leaving the Federal Highway we slow to the heartbeat of the country and have the road almost to ourselves. At a steady 80 to 90 kilometres and no traffic to worry about I have time to gaze around. This is sheep farming country and it is spring.

Greenough 032 sheep cropped

Half an hour and suddenly up ahead there are men in orange vests waving banners and cars parked with flag waving bystanders. Of course we have to see what is going on.

Intrepid cyclists

Intrepid cyclists

We grab the cameras and watch. A van flashes past, I think it said 1000 kilometre ride, but it was gone to fast for me to read it all. Well now where are we? This small village we have stumbled across is VERY busy, cars parked bumper to bumper right along the main street.

Bunganbore Goulbourn PC sx40 038_4000x3000

We squeeze into a parking spot and wander along Gibraltar Street Bungendore. This is a friendly, relaxed country town. Locals greet each other, and us, with a smile and take time to stand around talking.

Then there are the cottages, houses, heritage buildings, hotels and churches that look as though they have been around for ever. I LOVE them, a photographers ideal place. Let me share some of them with you.

Trellis fences tick my box

Trellis fences tick my box

Picket fences and dormer windows another favourite

Picket fences and dormer windows another favourite

This one was my favourite

This one was my favourite

I fell in love with this cottage and took so many photos from all angles. Here are some of the details.

Bunganbore Goulbourn PC sx40 030_4000x3000

Bunganbore Goulbourn PC sx40 023_4000x3000

Bunganbore Goulbourn PC sx40 028_4000x3000

Bunganbore Goulbourn PC sx40 027_3000x4000

What does that notice say? I have to take a closer look.

Bunganbore Goulbourn PC sx40 026_3000x4000

Now that seems to say it all about this town’s attitude to life. Not too sure about the WWW at the bottom, it is a UK website. Oh well it is certainly relevant.

"Smile for the camera" says Jack

“Smile for the camera” says Jack


Then a local farmers wife stops for a chat when she sees us taking photos and tells us of more interesting buildings and also another town to go to. Braidwood she tells us is a heritage town on the way to the coast. Sounds a real must-see, but that will be another days outing. Today we are entranced with this town.

This was on the door, and the shop was shut.

This was on the door, it was Saturday but the shop was shut.

Bungandore Goulbourn JCsx50 042_4000x3000

Jack loves talking to locals and when he saw these two hoeing into yummy looking pies he had to ask them where they bought them. They directed us to Gunna Doo, the local bakery. Then he took their photos and told them they may be in a blog…

Jack on the search for the pie shop

Jack on the search for the pie shop

This is it "Gunna Doo"

This is it “Gunna Doo”

These are seriously delicious pies and Jack talks to, then takes a photo of Grandad and his cute Granddaughter.

These are seriously delicious pies and Jack talks to, then takes a photo of Grandad and his cute Granddaughter.

It is always time for a home-baked pie in a country town, so in we go.

Jack chats to more locals while I order 2 steak and kidney pies with coffee.

Jack chats to more locals while I order 2 steak and kidney pies with coffee.

The pies were meaty, dripping with gravy and yummy.

Royal Hotel getting ready for business

Royal Hotel getting ready for business

After driving along Gibraltar Street we went round the back to find the church we had been told about.

Bunganbore Goulbourn PC sx40 046_1984x1488

Next to the church I peered over the fence at this very impressive house.

Looks a bit like a castle

Looks a bit like a castle

The grounds are impressive and park-like

The grounds are impressive and park-like. What is that object?

Take a closer look. It reminds me of the Dreamer's gate architecture/building in Collect.

Take a closer look. It reminds me of the Dreamer’s gate architecture/building in Collect. I think it is a bench.

For sale...

For sale…

Another local walks by with his dog and we ask him if he knows how much this house would be.

“About $500000” he said, “but it has half an acre of land”

Any one out there wanting a “tree change”?

Bungandore Goulbourn JCsx50 070_4000x3000

There was more to see, but we were on a mission to get back to Goulburn to see the brewery and heritage homes and galleries that are only open on the weekend. So reluctantly we left this charming little village hoping we get the chance to come back for another visit.

Next stop Goulburn, again…

(to be continued)



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19 thoughts on “Busy, Bustling Bungendore.

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  2. I love your beautiful photos of all the older style places.


  3. You’ve done it again! I drive through Bungendore often, on my way from the coast to Canberra, but don’t explore. You’ve shown me delicious details. I’m off again soon – I’ll pause, this time. I love the phrase “slow to the heartbeat of the country”. That’s how we travel when we take the back-roads to Mt Tambourine to visit family, who mock us unmercifully for taking three days to get there.

    I love the two signs you’ve captured.


    • We are going back again and this time will carry on to Braidwood and maybe get as far as Batemans Bay…

      You did well to get through the Tambourine Valley in only 3 days… 🙂


      • Batemans Bay is virtually on my doorstep: I worked there for six years. There’s a lovely old cemetery above the tourist info centre, and the water gardens are worth a ramble, if you can ignore abandoned trolleys and bottle debris. Last time I walked there, there was a huge bat colony in residence chittering away as they hung upside down. A boat trip up the Clyde is also a treat, although it would swallow up most of a day.

        I’ll look forward to seeing a very familiar place through your eyes.


  4. It looks like a nice and peaceful town. 😀 I love that “bench” shot. ♥


  5. I think I would have a lot of fun wandering around this beautiful town, Pauline. Bungendore – it’s such an unusual name!


    • There is still a lot more to see Jill so we will certainly be going back for another visit, but we only have 3 weeks left now to fit every thing in…I couldn’t find any reference to were the name came from, but it certainly is unusual

      Liked by 1 person

  6. What a great town, Thank you so much for this visit through your wonderful eyes!!


    • It amazed me Sue. I asked the local is it always like this and she said always busy with locals, but extra busy on weekends with day trippers. 🙂


  7. Looks like a very friendly town, Pauline. That bench looks very relaxed. 🙂


  8. Your favourite house is my favourite house too – what a Victorian beauty! You sure are a friendly pair chatting to all the locals. I wonder what they make of you?


  9. Thank you Pauline for recording these great days,
    When we get old we will be able to relive them all.
    This town has a marvellous attitude.
    They say it is buzzing like this every weekend.


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