Travel Theme : Simplify

To travel is to simplify your life. Depending on how you travel, the necessities of life have to be carried in a case or backpack so it is essential to think carefully about each item that is chosen to be carried. Is it really necessary, can you survive without a hairdryer or a bag full of cosmetics. You can only wear one set of clothes at a time. So how many changes do you need?

Travelling in a small Toyota Hi-ace camper van, our beloved Matilda, for a year made me realize how little is needed, and still be comfortable and happy.

Yesterday we visited the  National Museum of Australia. A large imposing building. I learnt another architectural term this building is a style called “Deconstructivism”

“Deconstructivism in architecture was born in the late 80s of the twentieth century.

Its characteristic feature is the idea of fragmentation. It also manipulates the surface and the cover of the construction. It is dominated by curvilinear shapes, which are supposed to disturb and dislocate the skeleton of the object. The structure of the building has a feeling of controlled chaos and stimulating unpredictability.”

National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia

The form of the windows is a work of art

The form of the windows is a work of art

The foyer dwarfs the people.

The foyer dwarfs the people.

But this post is not about the Museum but what I found inside.

We have been twice to the Museum so far and I’m sure we will be visiting it again. There is so much to see and absorb that a quick visit cannot do it justice.

This is what really fascinated me.

Beautifully restored Daimler

Beautifully restored Citroen

Now it wasn’t just that this is a beautifully restored old vehicle but it was the history and story that came with it. The ultimate in simplified travel. This vehicle was the first to travel right round Australia in 1925. Can you even start to imagine that journey. No roads, no regular petrol stations. Not many towns and not to mention the Australian climate. And look how small that car is, certainly not much room for more than the bare essentials. I am in awe of  Nevill Westwood and his achievement

This is the map of his journey

This is the map of his journey

Canberra National Museum P C 029_4000x3000

Canberra National Museum P C 030_4000x3000


Canberra National Museum P C 031_4000x3000


This Museum is all about stories, it is a fascinating place to visit. Here is another adventure travel story.

Historical Malvern Star.

Historical Malvern Star.

Canberra National Museum P C 037_3000x4000

What really amazed me was Ernie’s age when he did the epic journeys. After walking, travelling on a bike is the simplest form of travel.

Ernie Young

Ernie Old

What an achievement at any age. Now there are sealed roads to bike on, back in 1947 many of the roads would be dirt tracks.

I salute these two intrepid pioneers of travel.


Ailsa of “Where’s my backpack” tells us that “The first week of August is Simplify Your Life week, and it’s always good to be reminded that life doesn’t have to be so complicated.”

I love this idea and Jack and I have simplified our life style over the past few years. Take a look at how other bloggers have interpreted this week’s theme.

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17 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Simplify

  1. What an amazing achievement Ernie was able to attain.. 🙂 He was indeed I am sure a great inspiration to many .. And thank you for also providing the map too, which again shows just the scale of what driving around Australia is… Around the British Isles would be something, but when you concider the scale and size of Australia!.. AMAZING!
    Thank you again Pauline.. I love Museums 🙂


    • It was an amazing fete, I am in awe of what Ernie achieved on his bike. It took us a year to go round and we had good roads (most of the time!)


  2. As an avid traveler yourself Pomme, I can see why these two felt like your kindred spirits. Both were remarkable achievements! And ooh la la, those windows!!!


  3. Joy Hall

    Hi Pauline & Jack
    Great to see you are having such a super trip, looks wonderful! Look forward to seeing you both in
    the not too distant future. Love Joy


  4. poppytump

    Oh Pauline what a great post . Such a mammoth undertaking that journey round Australia … loved seeing his 5CV .. how funny apart from never having seen one before .. it made me think back fondly on my own yellow 2CV which I called Bumble 😀
    Cycling seems to be really popular over here these last few years … I don’t think it’s something I will be taking up in a hurry though . I just get jelly legs any sign of an incline Lol
    Simplify life … I think I could do that more the older I get 🙂


    • I think we all remember our older cars and give them names Poppy, the modern cars don’t seem to have that same character that inspires giving them a name.
      Simplifying can be quite hard as many things we possess also possess us and even though they are not serving a purpose and taking up space we still tend to cling on to them, ie books we have read once and will never read again, gadgets we bought for the kitchen then never used, that outfit bought on impulse and now doesn’t fit (but you are going to loose weight aren’t you????) I’m sure you can think of many other examples…


  5. Anonymous

    Hi Pauline, I’m trying to e mail you but have messed up my new computer trying to send you some videos of the animals together with some very badly taken photos which all demonstrate very well why you get so few photos from me. Not only an extremely inept photographer but not much good on the computer either! It was a very long e mail with all our news and took ages to type. It remains to be seen whether you will ever receive it!!! Hope to be in touch sooner rather than later. Love M x


  6. This post shows how little is needed to enjoy life.
    And great things can be achieved with very little.
    It is our unnecessary possessions that tie us down.
    We have to work to pay for things, then store them and maintain them.
    I read the book by Garri Garripoli ‘Tao of the Ride’ it got me thinking.
    Alas I am past my motor cycle days it would not be safe for you.
    But the thought was there you and me like a song,
    out on the highway looking for adventure.


    • Anonymous

      Jack this is Robert William i have just read your jottings and have taken the plunge to reply great to see you are still alive and kicking Things are still all good over here in the west. Big hug to Pauline and a smaller one for you. Love and Laughter Rob


      • Good one Rob, great to get your comment, life is good, a bit cold but quite invigorating…


        • Joan and Terry Watson

          Just love once again your comments, what a time you are having, i had a yellow car many many time ago called sunshine, Terry and I decided we had better see a bit more of GG, had a ride on the new tram, very good, went to Margaret Olley,s display at Murwillumbah’s Art Gallery, I thought of you with your camera work just wish I could be as good.x


          • Good name for a yellow car Joan… Did you go on the tram on the free day? I love Margaret Olley’s work and I’m looking forward to seeing it when we get back home.


      • Welcome to the blog Rob.
        Good to get your comment.
        He who knows not and knows not that he knows not.
        Is a know all,
        That is enough of that.
        He who knows when enough is enough all ways has enough.
        All the best to you and Raye.


    • I think going round on a motorbike would be a bit scary for me.


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