The Gathering of the Gnomes

  Never have I seen such an unusual sight.

A huge gathering of gnomes. Yes the common garden gnome, sometimes ridiculed, sometimes loved, but here they all congregated in their thousands.

They have come, one assumes with human assistance, from all over Australia and even from New Zealand and other parts of the world. I noticed Germany, Holland, Canada, Ireland.

They are a magnet for tourists and in summer busloads descend on this tiny corner of the Ferguson Valley,  just down the road from Donnybrook. Glades full of playful, naughty and sentimental Gnomes climbing logs, hanging out in trees, playing cricket, even flying planes! The parking is very limited and surprisingly there is no tourist shop to tempt you to buy memorabilia, not even a toilet… Just the gnomes

These gnomes are waiting on the side of the road to greet you

These gnomes are waiting on the side of the road to greet you, in the background is the small area of parking along the road.

They disappear into the distance, almost a kilometre into the bush.

They disappear into the distance, almost a kilometre into the bush.

They squat on the tree stumps

They squat on the tree stumps

These gnomes have grouped together to form a choir

These gnomes have grouped together to form a choir

Can you spot Jack?

Can you spot Jack?

There he is....

There he is….

So how, and why have all these gnomes congregated here?

It all started in 1995 when the council decided to alter the road and put in a round-about. Next day a gnome appeared in protest to the alterations, no one knew were he came from. As in the legend, it wasn’t long before other gnomes joined in this silent protest. 

Visitors seem to love the opportunity to leave a part of themselves in this idyllic, rural wonderland. I followed along as Emma and Gino searched for a safe place to settle their 2 gnomes into the community.

Gino decides the opposite bank is not so crowded.

Gino decides the opposite bank is not so crowded and will be a good position.

Hesitantly Emma follows, with a helping hand from  Gino's Mother

Hesitantly Emma follows, with a helping hand from Gino’s Mother. The resident gnomes urge them on.

This looks like the perfect spot.

This looks like the perfect spot.

I'm sure it won't be long before they are joined and so the community will grow

I’m sure it won’t be long before they are joined and so the community will grow

And so the legend lives on...

And so the legend lives on…


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40 thoughts on “The Gathering of the Gnomes

  1. GeorgieMoon

    Oh my goodness! Look at all those gnomes! Thank you so much for sending me this link, I love it. I thought gnomes were such a British thing, but clearly their Australiam cousins are taking over the world! Now a question for you – what’s the difference between a gnome and a dwarf?


  2. hey amiga
    i left a comment on anne’s site and thought that this gnome solution might help their dilemna. i’m not sure if my comment went through or notn – it showed that it did, but the comment vanished.

    anyway, check out her post and share the story of these precious and powerful gnomes!


    • G’day Lisa, thank you for passing my post on. I went for a look at Anne’s post. (your comment had gone through) What a shame it would be to lose that lovely natural area. A similar thing was happening over here. A lovely natural bush area with ponds called Black swan lakes was due to be bulldozed and made into a car park. But due to people pressure it has now been decided to leave it as a conservation area…


    • Many many thanks for doing this, Lisa! I love the gnomes and will be telling my friends in Glasgow about such an inspired piece of community activism…..and Hello from Scotland, Gnome Gatherers. What a fantastic idea!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for helping me solve the mystery of where my unknown gnome may have been headed! Hope he made it!


  4. That is bizarrely delightful!
    I presume they saved the site from the round-a-bout?


    • No they didn’t, a round-a-bout is there and I can’t see the reason for it on a very small country road!!!! It has become a tourist destination but it is all word of mouth that people find it… Love the bizarrely delightful description.


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  7. Oh I LOVE this!!


  8. The gnomes did a great job. You’re so right, Pauline. It is indeed an amazing sight. Of course i could spot Jack. He was the only gnome without a hat. 🙂


  9. pattisj

    That is too funny. I’m glad people made their statement about keeping things as is. My neighbor used to have a large collection of them around her yard.


  10. Your photos of me are a bit pixelated.
    I might have gnome everyone would think I an imp.
    I meant it to be an Apache hair style.
    Instead I look like a fairy I may have to get a crew-cut.


  11. poppytump

    Oh Pauline you DO find the best places !
    Love this Gnomesville … Glad no one made off with Jack 😉


    • The best part Poppy is that it is not commercialised I found it by word of mouth. My friends said “Oh you must see Gnomesville” Jack should have a red hat on… 🙂


  12. Oh Pauline, loved walking among the Gnomes with you, and yes I spotted Jack… He was the big gnome to the right 🙂 Loved seeing this wonderful place and so pleased the woods got another two visitors to stay… 🙂


  13. Well I like the big gnome best…….


  14. thank you so much for giving us a tour through the world of the gnomes! the person who placed that first gnome illustrates the concept that one small act can have powerful results.

    i love this post! – jack looks quite at home with the gnomes!


    • Gnomes are funny little fellows aren’t they Lisa? Now I know that the urban myth about gnomes going walk-about is true because here they are, this is where they all come to.


  15. Too funny! Thanks for the smile, Pauline. Seeing your favorite bearded gnome made my day.


  16. emma

    Thank you so much for the photos! Hope your travels get greater ! Good luck ! 🙂


  17. That’s the most incredible thing – it can’t help but raise at a smile even on the gloomiest day. My favourite has to be the one with Jack in the background grinning cheekily.


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