A Walk in a Heritage Garden

The farmer’s prayers were answered. After a week of very welcome showers turning into heavy rain, waking up to grey skies each morning, it finally changed. Sunday and “Mother’s Day” dawned with clear blue skies.

Time to explore.

25 kilometres south of Geraldton is the heritage hamlet of Greenough. Situated on the fertile flood plains and near the mouth of the Greenough River, close to the ocean. During the 1860’s it became a thriving agricultural area. Initially farming was easy but primitive agricultural techniques, lack of fertilizing and the scourge of rust disease on the wheat crops, combined with droughts, fires and floods led to the area’s decline. Settlers moved out and the fine buildings fell into disrepair.

Fortunately the cultural and heritage value was recognized in the 1970’s and a dedicated group of people have made the enormous effort to save some of these beautiful buildings. Today it is a pleasure to wander around and admire a by-gone age.

First stop was the impressive “Home Cottage” now a museum.

Home Cottage built 1862 with the help of convict labour.

Home Cottage built 1862 with the help of convict labour.

In preparation for his wedding John Maley built this house for his new bride. Originally a 4 room cottage it was extended as the family fortune grew along with the number of children. Elizabeth had 14 children.

The house is now a museum. The exhibits, photos and stories take you back to an era when life was hard, no modern appliances. But family and friends shared a strong bond of helping and caring. I will take you through the house in the next post as this time I want to walk you through the garden.

What a pleasure it was, so much love and care has been put into this garden to show you how it used to be.

The large, mature pepper trees provide much needed shade for the back of the house.

The large, mature pepper trees provide much-needed shade for the back of the house, and a seat is handy to take a rest.


Along the side path towards the veg garden

Along the side path towards the veg garden


Another seat under another pepper tree.

Another seat under another pepper tree.


Welcome to Elizabeth's garden.

Welcome to Elizabeth’s garden.


Open the gate and in we go to the veggie patch.

Open the gate and in we go to the veggie patch.


What a good idea

What a good idea


Now this is an idea I am going to take home with me. Can you see how it works? The barrel is filled with compost and horse manure, holes cut in the sides and plastic pipes put in to plant the seedlings in. Great for herbs when stood in full sun, and very easy to water and care for.

The scarecrow

The scarecrow

Of course any serious veggie patch must have a scarecrow. Oops this fellow needs his pants pulling up.

Maybe Jack will pull them up...

Maybe Jack will pull them up…

That rosemary smelt divine and helps keep pests away. Notice the stakes used as supports for vines and the stones used to create raised garden beds.

Love the rustic look.

Love the rustic look.

Recycling at it's best

Recycling at it’s best

The hanging baskets of strawberries have a good place to hang and keep away from pests.

This is a community garden.

This is now a community garden.

The shade house in the background was used for seedlings and propagating cuttings. In another corner they had a compost heap. Nothing was wasted. It has been a very hot, dry summer but now the autumn rains have arrived the garden is starting to come back to life. Lots of new seedlings coming along.

The iron bark clothesline

The iron bark clothesline

Do you remember these old style clothes line? My Mother had one in the back garden in England in the days before rotary clothes-lines (Hill’s Hoists in Australia) and clothes drying machines.

Next post I will show you some of the interesting things I found inside the house.


I have joined Jo’s cyber walk-about group. Each week Jo invites us to take a walk in our areas and show the group where we have been.

Jo has been in Poland and this week she has taken us for a walk in the country side of this interesting country. Click here to join her.

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25 thoughts on “A Walk in a Heritage Garden

  1. Joan Watson

    I can see how you would love that garden, it looks so much like yours, but of course bigger, yes that is a good idea with the potx


  2. Pingback: Jo’s Monday walk : Las Wolski and Bielany | restlessjo

  3. This is wonderful place! I just love those Pepper trees 😀


  4. okay gypsy gal – fun walk this week. 🙂

    started with this zinger:

    “Sunday and “Mother’s Day” dawned with clear blue skies.

    Time to explore.”

    and that veggie garden was cool – the pot thing was a good idea – and it cracks me up that this “by-gone” of a place would have such a modern scare core with the stripes and low low pants. ha! just saw someone walking the other day and it was like, dude – your pants are at your knees– really??? anyhow, I think I will try using a modern day scarecrow this year – but with pants kept up! ha!

    anyhow, this looks like a beautiful place and my favorite photo was the third one down – where the cool leaves of the pepper tree feels almost designer like – what nice shade too – great captures! great walk my friend. 🙂


    • Thanks Y I loved the rustic feel of this garden like a real pioneer garden. Yes I never thought of it but I now see the scarecrow is right in fashion, dude… ha-ha


  5. Thank you so much for your wonderful informative post, Pauline. I do hope Jack lent the scarecrow a helping hand. Immodest scarecrows- whatever next? 🙂 🙂
    The pepper trees look wonderful, and I still have one of those old-fashioned washing lines. I’m an old fashioned girl at heart and I really dislike rotary dryers. Many thanks to you for joining in with such enthusiasm.


    • I think your idea of the walks is a very good theme Jo, thanks for hosting it. You must have a big garden to still have one of those old style lines. Way back in NZ on the farm I had one in the paddock but had to make sure no stock were in there on washing day…


  6. A really charming garden, and I love the scarecrow, even without his pants. 🙂 That herb pot looks like a great idea, but didn’t it smell a bit? 😕


  7. Wow loved my walk along with you in the garden Pauline… Loved that barrel idea too… 🙂 looked amazing.. 🙂 Thank you for the share 🙂 Sue


    • It was one of those museums that you could spend hours reading the information and imagining what life was like back then and the garden was a real bonus. Part of the house is still lived in and the owners and historical society have made a great job of putting it all together.


  8. You can take me through a garden any time PP. I cannot get enough of them! And we still have clothes lines like that in the UK. Although I don’t because I haven’t got a garden 😦 They are much better for hanging out sheets than the rotary driers!


    • Not many gardens around here Jude the climate and soil is poor, BUT come spring and the whole of WA turns into one BIG garden when the wild flowers come out, and they say this year will be a good one because of the rain we have just had. The last 2 years have not been good but in 2010 the year we were here it was a fantastic year I have thousands of photos.


      • Same as the west of South Africa/Namibia I suspect then. August/September can be spectacular there with the wild flowers blooming. Sadly I have never been there at that time of year.


  9. Wonderful trip through the garden. Thanks for taking me!


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