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“So what” I can hear all my Northern hemisphere friends saying.

Well that is the best rain that has fallen in this area for about 2 years. There have been light showers during that 2 years, but on a sandy soil that has not helped the parched and struggling vegetation. Last week after 3 days of light showers the storm clouds gathered and it poured down. Approximately 50-70mm. The farmers were ecstatic, perfect timing for sowing the spring cereal crops.

It made me happy too as I had just planted more vegetable seedlings the day before the rain came. I’m sure it made the plants turn their faces to the heavens with a huge, happy sigh.

Raindrops are falling on my head

Raindrops are falling on my head

Then I looked around and look what I saw…

Dragon fruit flower

Dragon fruit flower

These beauties flower overnight and only stay open for 1 day. It then takes 3-4 months for them to produce the edible fruit. Fortunately there are some that flowered a while back and are now ready for picking and eating.

Dragon fruit, ripe and ready to harvest.

Dragon fruit, ripe and ready to harvest.

After a day in the fridge it is ready to cut open, scoop out the inside and savour the delicious but indescribable taste.

Delicious, sweet and juicy

Delicious, sweet and juicy

Have you ever tried a dragon fruit? Have you ever seen one but not known what to do with it? Next time you see one in the green grocer’s buy it and try it, I’m sure you will go back for seconds…

Footnote… The farmers are now praying for more follow up rain and the forecast is for another storm on Sunday…


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18 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Close-up

  1. Loved that it rained for you… And no I have never tried a Dragon Fruit.. I saw and commented on Jacks post the other week after he posted a picture of one… Now those flowers are gorgeous, and amazing too they flower over night…

    Great photo’s Pauline thank you for sharing


    • They are a tropical fruit Sue and I don’t think you will get them in England. But they are delicious.


      • No we don’t I had not heard or seen them before Jack’s post, and I was fascinated with them… I love Kiwi’s so if they are of a similar family I am sure I would enjoy them.. There isn’t much I have tried in life’s foods that I do not like.. In fact off the top of my head I can not think of anything I dislike..
        I say you need to try everything at least Once! 😀 xxx


        • I love all food and like to experiment with new tastes. I agree, especially when you travel, to try all the different cultures food.


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  3. garden’s looking great Pauline, wow that’s a lot of rain! Good to see the first of the dragon fruits has ripened for you


    • We have had 4 of them now, they are yummy… Still some left for you though…Rained again last night 🙂


  4. how fantastic to be able to grow dragon fruit! and to have rain .. hurrah! your fruit looks sensational … we bought one a few weeks ago and it was completely tasteless, very disappointing when we were remembering the flavour from Vietnam long ago 🙂


    • They maybe pick them not ripe so they can be transported. As you know Christine fruit is at it’s best when picked ripe from the tree, bush or vine.


  5. I absolutely love dragon fruit. You’ve convinced me now that I should grow some here 😉


  6. What an unusual fruit. And no I have never tried it, it looks a bit like the inside of a watermelon, but the shape of a mango – so is it sweet? Watery? And does it smell nice? I doubt that I’ll find one in the local Tesco!


  7. Gorgeous pics, Pommepal. Love the first one with the rain droplets. 🙂

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