Gardening in the Round.

I have mentioned that I love gardening and one of the pleasures I get from house sitting is to see and learn from other peoples gardens. Every one is different, every one is a joy to look after.

Now this garden is probably one of the most challenging. Being so close to the ocean the soil is pure sand. I’ve mentioned the strong winds (see my previous post here about the leaning trees) Great for wind surfers and sky divers, but plants hate the strong, sand ladened winds. To top it off it is a very dry climate. I don’t know when they last had a decent rain here, but of the 3 large rain water storage tanks only one has a small amount of water left in it.

Naomi also loves gardening, she likes to grow her own organic vegetables and being a very resourceful person she has installed old corrugated water tanks and created raised beds.

Come for a look round

, Come for a look round

Gardening in the round

Gardening in the round

This summer has been exceptionally hot and dry and at the moment not many veggies have survived, with the exception of chilli bushes, lots of them, lemon grass and a few other herbs. Before Naomi left she scattered seeds around. The weather should be getting cooler and normally some rain arrives during the winter months. But so far it has just been clear blue skies, sun and relentless wind. I water the raised garden beds each evening and amazingly seeds are popping up every where. At this point I can’t identify them so treat them all with loving care.

Can you see the beans?

Can you see the beans? look carefully and you will see the Indian Ocean…

A couple of the beds are still empty so on Sunday at the markets when we came across a delightful bloke called “Freddie Fresh” who specialises in seedlings of all sorts we bought some lettuce, basil and 2 tomato plants. That evening, when the heat had gone out of the day we carefully planted them. First digging a large hole, incorporating compost and soaking the area before tenderly bedding them in.

Mescalin and cos lettuce with an existing plant of eggplant. A very healthy dragon fruit is climbing the trellis

Mescalin and cos lettuce with an existing plant of eggplant. A very healthy dragon fruit is climbing the trellis

Have you ever tried Dragon fruit? They are delicious and this plant is laden with them. I hope they ripen soon.

More lettuce and basil, with the tomato planted against the back pole

More lettuce and basil, with the tomato planted against the back pole

They are all going to need more help if they are to survive the 30c+ temperature of the sun. These beds are in the full sun. So to give them a helping hand until they have settled in we searched around and found some shade cloth that Jack put up.


Maybe doesn't look very attractive, but it should do the job

Maybe doesn’t look very attractive, but it should do the job

Follow me around the side of the house.

The side garden. Can you see the Huge spider web?

The side garden. Can you see the Huge spider web? Lets take a closer look…

 As I said before this house is built on sand and the back of the garden is a large sand-hill. Naomi has come up with a clever solution. Using old tractor tyres that she has sourced from a tyre firm in town, collecting them in a trailer, pulled by Troopy, then, one by one, rolling them into place. (Go here to read about Naomi’s hard labour in creating this monument.)

This is finally taking shape, “the great wall of Drummond’s”

First roll the tyres into place

First roll the tyres into place

Rendering comes next

Rendering comes next

Still a lot more to do...

Still a lot more to do. The hole in the sand is going to be a pond with a waterfall cascading into it.

I feel tired just thinking about all the work.

So let’s go back up to the deck to watch the sun set.

The garden shows a collection of Naomi's interests.

The garden shows a collection of Naomi’s interests.

Looking out to the west the setting sun lights the deck in a golden glow

Looking out to the west the setting sun lights the deck in a golden glow

Have a glass of wine and watch the sun set

Have a glass of wine and watch the sun set


The inspiration for this post has come from Sue of “A word in your ear” this week her challenge has been the word “ROUND” that has popped up from her dictionary.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk with me around the garden.

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44 thoughts on “Gardening in the Round.

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  3. Wonderful idea those tyres… And I hope the Veggie garden survives the heat.. We forget here in the UK with our abundant rain fall how difficult it is to grow in dry areas with no rainfall….
    Loved the Sunset.. and that glass of chilled wine looked delicious 🙂 I hope you enjoyed 🙂


    • I nursed those baby plants along in the heat and now summer is over and for the first time in 3 years there has been a decent rainfall and it is not so hot so the plants are thriving and we are now eating the salad greens.


  4. May I come for a glass of wine around 6ish?????


  5. Love the raised beds and the re-purposed tyres. But the deck looks absolutely blissful.


  6. Loved this stroll through such a resourceful, fun garden.


  7. Joan and Terry Watson

    I agree it looks like a lot of work, love the idea of not having to bend down too far, and you have already put some plants in, what a great garden, and what an area, I can see the sea in one of the photos in the background, can you walk to the sea?x


  8. This surely looks pretty challenging, Pauline. Can I just sit back with that glass of white and watch the sunset? That is one delicious shot! 🙂


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  10. You’ve given me some great ideas here! I have an avocado that I want to plant, but they hate ‘getting their feet wet’ and it’s recommended they be in a raised bed. I only have tires, but I love the look of those corrugated water tank beds (which we have a plethora of here on the far north!). I may just end up planting my avocado in one of these to give it room to grow 😀


  11. I love the use of old tires. We tried to do this at my last school about 20 years ago and we got so much grief from one teacher whose windows faced the garden that we had to give it up. I love the idea of the waterfall.


    • I think it is a great way to stabilise the sand, but so much hard work. I admire Naomi’s dedication in tackling this job.


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  13. this was such an interesting post. I absolutely loved it. Was wondering if that spider web was real – or was it string? looked to thick.
    also, really liked the round raised beds. I am looking for raised bed ideas because I have found that they hold more nutrients – or in this case help when coastal sand is an issue. also, the round raised beds are just cool!
    and liked the way you walked us through “come around to the side” – what flow. 🙂
    have a great week.


    • the spider web is indeed made with string. A friend of mine’s mother crocheted it for me and the kids next door made the spider and flies as a school holiday project a few years ago.
      the garden is looking great Pauline. Sorry to hear the weather is still above 30, I only just removed all the shade cloth over the garden beds before I left 😦
      Freddie is a legend isn’t he?


    • Naomi has answered your query, yes the spiders web is made of string. Raised beds are certainly easier on the back and after having these beds to look after we are planning to install some when we get back home. I think we will use old baths like we saw at a garden show in Perth.


  14. poppytump

    In the round … now that’s different ! I think it will be a big challenge PP …. there looks to be quite an area to keep on the go . Will be good to see what comes up from those little seedlings .
    Such a nice balcony for relaxation and a sunset view !


  15. We love gardening, and in the northern hemisphere the planting season is just getting underway. Our peas are about 1″ right now. 🙂


    • G’day Nancy, I think everywhere has challenges when it comes to gardening and I also think that is why it is so satisfying to see the results of your labour. Good luck with the peas I hope you get to eat them before the birds and bugs… 🙂


  16. That garden looks very big, and I’m sure it’s going to keep you and Jack very busy. It’s quite a responsibility, looking after someone else’s plants. Glad you’re finding some time to relax with a glass of wine and a beautiful sunset. 🙂


  17. wow, i envy you. I always wanted to have a garden but back home in the Philippines we don’t have space at home (our yard is just way too small) and here in Dubai (where I currently live) it seems impossible for me to have one.


    • G’day Aysabaw, I’m pleased you dropped by and left a comment. I love gardening and I think if I didn’t have much room I would still grow some plants or herbs in a pot. Looking at the greenery always makes me happy


  18. How resourceful! Good luck with the veggies. I think I’d just create a ‘desert’ garden, succulents, cacti and other drought-tolerant plants. Growing anything else is just too much hard work!
    And thank you for the sunset on the deck with the glass of wine. I can imagine how wonderful that tastes after a hot day 😀
    Jude xx


    • G’day Jude, actually having the raised beds does make it much easier to look after the veggies. That glass of wine was really welcome though… 🙂


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