Travel Theme : Wood

Maori carving

Māori carving

I hope this wooden carving of a Māori totem has not scared you away from this post. I believe these symbolic carvings are placed on totems at the entrance to the Māori Pa (meeting-house) to frighten off evil spirits.

Māori Wood Carving

As Māori did not have a written language until the 19th century, carvings were used to record and preserve the history and culture of our people. Ornate Māori carvings can be found on meeting houses, canoes, weapons and jewellery – with superior carvings seen as a sign of prestige.

Māori carvings are a record of tribal affairs and pay deep respect to ancestors, history and the people for whom they are prepared – although they cannot be read or interpreted in a Western sense.

In 2 weeks time I will be back in New Zealand and hope to see more of the Māori culture.


A different type of wood carving

A different type of wood carving

A difficult picture to take because of the reflections, but this is to try and give some idea of the size

A difficult picture to take because of the reflections, but this is to try to give some idea of the size


This carving was fascinating and as you looked you would see more and more details.


Lovely theme this week Ailsa. Click here to take a look at other posts.

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27 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Wood

  1. That is a wonderful art. Good shoots.


  2. That is an amazing work of art, Pommepal. The intricate carvings are so beautiful too. Loved all your pics, but the last one is my favourite. 🙂


  3. Maori art is amazing! Thanks for sharing 😀


  4. Another wonderful take on this theme.


  5. poppytump

    Such a great collection PP . I do love those details in the mural .. tiny flower petals am sure it was very therapeutic to produce this sort of craft .
    Jack looks a very attentive pupil … wonder if it was always the case 😉


    • That was an amazing carving. Did you enlarge it and look at the detail? Well I think you have guessed it Poppy about Jack, he actually started school when he was 6 and left when he was 13 !!!! All self taught from then.


  6. The frogs are so cute!


  7. Stunning works of art. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing bits of your travels!


    • G’day Kami, I love having these themes that gives me a reason to search through all the photos and reminisce about my travels


  8. Love that Maori carving! I love wood, and have a number of small bowls and carved items from my travels.


  9. One of the lasting memories I have of Australia are the wonderful carved tables and bowls! I did bring back a small one (bowl that is, not table) 🙂


  10. Love this post – love wood, trees and Maori carvings! Looking forward to more of this!


  11. I love the natural face on the trunk of the tree, But I just love Wood.. Those benches look to be old… I just love the feel of still holds the energy of the tree.. I have several pieces of carved wood in my home, As well as a wonderful nest of tables with carved Chinese type themes which have glass then laid over the tops of them…. I love to polish the carved sides as well as a wooden Buddha which stands nearly two foot high on my landing..
    I just loved the photo’s and see you are a tree hugger too LoL .. though we do not have many here with that girth .. None that we can get too close too. We do have an old oak over 1,000 yrs old in Sherwood Forest only a 15 minute drive away called The Major Oak .. You can find its picture on Google images. 🙂
    Wishing you a relaxing Sunday … or maybe its already Monday now.. 😉


    • I loved this weeks theme Sue, I have so many tree and wood photos it was hard to decide which ones to use. I checked the Major oak on Google, wow it is a magnificent tree. Yes Monday morning now… 🙂


  12. Nice carving. . i see mostly without any colour or polish. Very natural. I love the one on the ‘ different type of wood carving’


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