Weekly Photo Challenge : One : A Tribute to Matilda


Matilda has been our transport, accommodation and trusty companion  for 4 years as we travelled 70.000 kilometres around Australia. Slowly trundling up and over mountain ranges, across the outback and along the coast, coming to rest each night in iconic Aussie places. The beach with the sound of waves peeling  on the shore to lull us to sleep. Alongside mighty rivers or dry river beds. In the outback the Mitchell grass plains stretching to the horizon and at night the sky a blanket of twinkling stars. The bush and rainforest each with their distinctive smell and sounds as the birds serenade us and unseen creatures scuttle in the undergrowth.

Freedom camping right on the edge of the beach

Freedom camping right on the edge of the beach

Camping in the outback

Camping in the outback

Near the beach in the rainforest

Near the beach in the rainforest

In a field of dreams

In a field of dreams

Crossing borders

Crossing borders

Every place different and a joy to experience.

There are memories of campgrounds. Sharing a glass of wine, swapping stories and briefly befriending a stranger during happy hour, that unique time on the road to relax and meet many other travellers.

Cooking over a camp fire, learning the art of camp oven cooking and sharing a meal with new friends.

Matilda has given us the freedom of having no set timetable, no rigid plans. Being able to stop at the many freedom camping spots or parking in a back yard to couch surf in the city.

It has been a marvellous 4 years that has flown by so quickly. With thousands of photos, the memories will never fade.

Possibly the most memorable event when camping in a National Park and a cassowary came visiting, and I had my camera at the ready…

Waking to a misty morning in a freedom camp all on our own.

Waking to a misty morning in a freedom camp all on our own.


But now our life style is changing, we are ready for a new adventure.

We have already trialled the world of house sitting and loved the experience, it is another way of travelling. Staying in new places, meeting new people and their pets, this will keep my gypsy soul happy. Exploring an area in-depth and getting to know it like a local and sleeping in the same bed each night. No more rolling up our bed and moving on each day.

So now it is “Goodbye Matilda”, You have been number one in our life for 4 years creating so many wonderful travelling memories. I hope her new owners appreciate her as we did.

Goodbye Matilda I am going to miss you.

Goodbye Matilda I am going to miss you.

Just one of the many sunsets we saw

Just one of the many sunsets we saw




The WP Photo Challenge this week is ONE. Matilda has been number one in our lives for 4 years. No other way could we travel on a pensioners budget and see so much of Australia. We could stay in free camping areas, cook our own meals and travel slowly savouring all the beauty that is Australia.


A big thank you to all my regular followers and also those that drop by occasionally, I love all the likes and comments you leave and the WordPress community I am part of. I’m looking forward to 2014 and the adventures it will bring and keeping in touch with you all through the world of WP blogging.

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58 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : One : A Tribute to Matilda

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  4. Ooooh, very cool. What’s in the tube on the front? What kind of big blue bird is that? BIG!!! Cool photos, cool trip. I love the photo in the early morning fog!!


  5. The look on Jack’s face with that cassowary beside him is priceless Pauline 🙂 Matilda is my idea of heaven I would love one just like her. One question though, snakes?


    • No problem Gilly. Snakes are a bit of a myth as they will, mostly, try to get away from you. Only if you corner them will they attack. In fact we only saw a couple of snakes the whole time we were travelling…


  6. How superb – I daren’t show my husband! He would just jump at a chance to do this.


  7. Delightful memories of special places and events. Obviously a marvelous four years. I covet Matilda!
    Such fun to have traveled with you to such interesting places. Look forward to a new and different vicarious experience. Thanks.


  8. Reblogged this on Memories are made of this and commented:

    FREEDOM comes in the form of a camper van…

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  9. Oh, that Mathilda! She’s taken you on some wonderful adventures, Pauline. It must have been hard to give her up. Oh well, there are times in life when new adventures are called for. I’m glad you’re heeding the call and are venturing into new territory. What is life, after all, if not a grand adventure?


    • It was a hard decision to make, but directions change. You’ve nailed it Cathy I don’t want to be one of those people who’s last words are “if only”… Just do it….

      Liked by 1 person

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  12. Thanks for taking me along with you and Matilda.


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  14. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog for a visit so that I could meet you. What a wonderful blog you have here. Matilda served you well it seems, and now on to a new life that sounds pretty great to me!


    • G’day Angeline, nice to meet you too. Yes we had great adventures in Matilda. Now we are looking forward to this years adventures. I look forward to stating in touch with you… 🙂


  15. Great photos, great memories. Matilda did good!


  16. I have read so much of Matilda in your adventures I feel I know her almost as well as I do you and Jack. I think i will miss her.


  17. How wonderful. You were so lucky to see a cassowary. Even when we visited the Daintree we only caught a fleeting glimpse of a young one.
    When we retire, we want a Matilda. That is our dream. 🙂


    • G’day Suz nice to have you drop by. Yes we were lucky to see the cassowary but they had become tamer after cyclone Yasi wiped out a lot of their habitat and the rangers had to feed them


  18. poppytump

    You & Jack REALLY made the best of Matilda Times PP … as you say adventures and photos and memories … but new paths and way await in 2014 … and we’ll all be here to share it with you 🙂


  19. Joan and Terry Watson

    Oh no not Matilda, another change to get used to, loved the look of Matilda too, Happy Christmas and New Year to you and Jackx


  20. Thanks from me to Matilda; without her, I would not have learned about so many different aspects of Australia. I will miss her, but of course I am looking forward to your next adventures, too. I remember the first post of yours I read; it was an old town that had been fixed up with very antique items (not pricey, but very historic). I can’t find that post now, but I loved the photos and I know I have a link saved to it somewhere. Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas holiday and new year! ~ Linne


  21. Such a wonderful friend and sure to be sorely missed!


  22. such a marvellous and faithful companion to your adventures over four years, Matilda will always be remembered! fabulous photos too … I always love your photos of the roads and scenery you have experienced on the move … best wishes for the New Year and the new life!


  23. What a fantastic journey you have had with Matilda and may she enjoy many more.
    Merry Christmas


  24. A fond fare-ye-well to dear Matilda, and thanks for all the happy memories! But good to know your travels are continuing on different roads. Hope you & Jack are having a lovely holiday, and wishing you both a joyous & prosperous New Year! xxx del


    • lovely comment Del. I love the “fare-ye-well” for Matilda. We are enjoying our time out from travel to spend with family and friends, but looking forward to next years adventures. All the best to you for 2014


  25. Sad to see an old friend go, but what memories you have of your travels with her. I love the misty photo – such a good shot. And wasn’t Jack worried about that cassowary? I would have been. See http://wp.me/pL5Ms-gO
    Have a good Christmas PP – are you back from Sydney now then? And I look forward to journeying with you next year – New Zealand first is it? Can’t wait to get some tips from you about there. It is high on my list. All the best to you and Jack.
    Jude xx


    • G’day Jude, Yes Jack was a bit worried, look at the wary look he is giving the cassowary, but he thought it best to stay very still and thank goodness the big bird just sauntered away. Thank you for the link what a lovely descriptive post. We have stayed there too and the post brought back lots of memories.
      Here is another link to another encounter we had with the big bird…
      We are back from Sydney but we saw so much while there I am still catching up on my posts. Yes we go to NZ in February.
      Best wishes to you for 2014


  26. That will hurt !! But I hope many new adventures will come your way in the new year ! Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and adventurous 2014 !!!!


    • Thanks Gwennie, there is always a time to move on and we look forward to next year. Thanks for your best wishes and all the best to you too


  27. Sandra

    I’m so sad to say goodbye to Matilda,she’s become like an old friend…give a pat from me.


    • I will give her a pat from you. She goes tomorrow…I will certainly miss her, but she will just be sitting at home for most of 2014 as we travel


  28. Jodie

    HI, I’m new to your blog. I loved the photos.


  29. It looks like you saw some wonderful places and scenes, had some great experiences. Sad to see Matilda move on and I hope that 2014 brings you as many happy memories as you undertake new adventures.


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