Travel Theme : Height

The mighty Karri tree

The mighty Karri tree

The southern area of Western Australia is a wonderland of sights and scenes. The ancient Karri and Tingle tree forests are a must see. Being up close to these huge trees is an awe-inspiring experience. The forest canopy feels impossibly high – like the ceiling of a cathedral. -The Karri is the 3rd tallest tree in the world towering to a height of 90 metres and swaying in the canopy at the top of these giants you can walk along the tree top walk


Not for the faint hearted

Not for the faint hearted

Snaking high through the canopy

Snaking high through the canopy

High in the canopy

High in the canopy

OOPS don't look down...

OOPS don’t look down…

Did that take your breath away? Are you ready for an even more heart stopping climb?

The tree top walk is a safe and sanitized adventure, really you have no chance of falling. The construction is sturdy, solid steel with railings to hang onto. The fear is all in your mind.


Now let me show you the Diamond tree…

51 metre high Karri tree used as a fire look-out

52 metre high Karri tree used as a fire lookout. Yes that is Jack on his way up.

This massive Karri tree has operated as a fire lookout for over 65 years.

Constructed in 1940, the tree remains in active service as not only a fire lookout but also a tourist attraction. If you aren’t scared of heights, trees or really big things you can attempt to climb it. But be warned it isn’t for the faint hearted, in fact it is down right frightening, all you have are metal spikes (which have been hammered into the side of the tree) to climb up

Only spikes to climb up and hang onto

Only spikes to climb up and hang onto, this is truly scary.

Do this climb if you dare

Do this climb if you dare

It looks a long way up, I wonder if I can make it?

It looks a long way up, I wonder if I can make it? Can you see my white knuckles?

At the half way point you see this sign. That was it for me I chickened out

At the half way point you see this sign. That was it for me I chickened out

I chickened out at the half way point and went back down, slowly. Jack went right to the top.

I chickened out at the half way point and went back down, slowly. Jack went right to the top.

We won't be long Matilda

We won’t be long Matilda. She looks like a dinky toy.

The tower is the only tree top tower in the world. When the Diamond tree was opened to the public in the 1970’s it attracted over 2,000 people per year . If you wonder, like me, how safe the climbing pegs are, I have been informed they were replaced in 1991 (uh huh!).

The tree top lookouts were built during the late 1930’s as a way of identifying the location of fires which often flared up among the tall timbers. Today light aircraft take on the role of fire spotting and the Department of Conservation and land Management (CALM) are actively involved in preventive measures in reducing the intensity of wildfires.


This is my contribution to Ailsa’s “Travel Theme“.

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20 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Height

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  2. Tree top walking, what an amazing idea. Looks a great place to visit and those photos are awe inspiring.


  3. This is so cool and a perfect take on the theme. I’m not a very good climber so I think I would sit for you and wait for Jack.


  4. Wow,, I just adore our trees, and have only seen huge trees, the redwoods in Canada that match these Sacred Silent watchers… Wonderful that you took me upon your journey.. I so enjoyed the climb and the view 🙂


  5. I have heard about the tree top walk but have never tried it, I think I will give the vertical tree one a miss though. Thank you the walk is now definitely on my list.


  6. It’s ridiculous – I live so close, spend so mush time down south and yet I’ve never done the Tree Top walk. It’s now on my must do list 😉


    • It is good but I enjoyed the ancient forest walk more on the board walk around all those huge Karri and Tingle trees under the tree top walkway, very impressive they were.


  7. Gorgeous!


  8. poppytump

    What a brilliant post PP . I really enjoyed it . That climb must have been something else indeed not sure either if i’d have made it to the top . Such amazing trees .
    What a lovely comment from Jack 🙂


  9. I enjoyed being reminded of the good times we have shared. Sharing the present with you is also wonderful. You record all our good times to look back on, as you say these happy times would be forgotten without our photos. It is not the memory at fault it is the recall with a photo it all comes back from the mist time.


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