How does the garden grow?

Our own private rainforest

Our own private rainforest

We are custodian/house-sitters of a 2.5 acre tropical North Queensland property. It is lush and green and has a small stand of tropical rainforest surrounding it. So far I have not seen any snakes or tree kangaroos lurking in the bush or up in the canopy, but I love to wander through it. Though first of all I smother my skin with tick repellent to prevent those insidious little nasties latching on to me.

Come with me for a look at part of my backyard…

Does anyone know the name of this creeper?

Does anyone know the name of this creeper?

Just look at this gorgeous flower. It is a vine and twines its way through the trees. I do not know what it is called. Here is another unusual tropical climbing vine.

Thank you Deanna Tennant Masterson for identifying the plants for me.

The yellow flower is: Thunbergia mysorensis (Wight) T.Anderson Common name(s): clock vine, lady’s slipper vine, dolls’ shoes, brick and butter vine.

The red flower is: Scientific name: Passiflora racemosa Brot. Common name(s): red passion flower

I wonder if anyone can tell me the name of this unusual flower.

I wonder if anyone can tell me the name of this unusual flower.

Here is a closer look.

Here is a closer look.

Meanwhile over in the vegetable patch every thing is flourishing. despite the up hill battle against slugs and snails, caterpillars and a sneaky little bandicoot. He finds the smallest gaps in the fence to push his way in. He does not eat plants or seedlings but digs down to find a feed of worms and in the process up-roots any thing in his way. At the moment I am winning the battle against the bandicoot after Jack reinforced the bottom of the fence. Pyrethrum, derris dust and a dish of beer seems to be helping keep the numbers of slugs, bugs and insects down.

Gardening is a challenge, but a pleasure to see the plants growing. Nothing tastes better than home-grown produce straight from the garden to the plate.

Part of the vegetable patch

Part of the vegetable patch

Courgettes and sweet corn

Courgettes and sweet corn

The tomatoes will soon be ready, but who will get to them first the bugs, birds or me

The tomatoes will soon be ready, but who will get to them first the bugs, birds or me

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21 thoughts on “How does the garden grow?

  1. Gorgeous flowers, we only see those in a glasshouse here. And I’d love to see a purple tomato – wonder if it tastes any better than a red one?


    • Thanks Jude. That black Russian tomatoe is the sweetest, juiciest tomatoe I have ever tasted. I have brought 4 cuttings home with me and hope they survive our hot humid summer


  2. where’s your pet cassowary?


  3. Oh so lovely to be transported and walk through the rain forest… loved those flowers 🙂


  4. That was a delightful trip through the rain forest. Thankyou! It must be lovely to have a rainforest for you to walk in outside your back door.


    • It certainly is Chris and much cooler when the temps go to the top 30’s. We are having a VERY hot September. It is supposed to be spring but has jumped into .


  5. Sonel

    I wouldn’t mind either being a house-sitter in such a lovely place. Stunning shots Gypsy. Those flowers are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


  6. Hi, you photos are amazing, thank you. My favourite is the bush bottle brush, reminds me of a Christmas bauble. I am assuming that is what it’s called. xxx Rae


    • Christmas bauble, what a lovely description Rae. It is actually a tree and a member of the lilly-pilly family. It has a delicate weeping form.


  7. The powder puff is brilliant! 🙂


  8. Gorgeous! i’d love to have been there. That first flower might be a passion flower, but the other one I do not know. It would have been great to wander there in the lush forest trying to photograph every plant…


  9. Love that tomato! we have similar plants in Florida……..I think the yellow tubular flower is called Clock Vine, Thunbergia mysorensis & the red is a Red Passion Flower vine. I’ve only seen it in purple here…they are so beautiful! Gorgeous photos as always…thank you.


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