G’day from the feline family

This house sit we are the foster parents of 6 gorgeous cats. They are Lyn and David’s much-loved family.

They are Ragdoll cats fluffy, cuddly and very playful. I have not met this breed before so went to Google to find out about them.

“Ragdolls are a relatively new breed, developed in the early 1960s in the United States

 ( the history of the development of this breed is very interesting, go to this link to read more about Josephine the unusual cat that was the start of this breed)

The Ragdoll is likely the result of crossing several breeds over time; breeders speculate that Persian, Birman and Angora breeds played a dominant role. 

Ragdolls were recognised as a breed in the United States in 1967 and in Australia around 1990. There are breeders in all states of Australia, however Queensland claims the dominant share. The Ragdoll derived its name from its habit of going limp when handled. This is usually when the cat is happy and content. There are currently no registered Ragdoll clubs in Australia.

Laid back and quiet with a very placid disposition. Although not a skittish cat, Ragdolls do have their active moments and enjoy a play. These cats however don’t display strong hunting instincts and are happy to lounge around waiting for some loving attention. Ragdolls aren’t a demanding cat and are not regarded as a vocal breed like Siamese. Tolerant of children and strangers, the Ragdoll makes an ideal pet for owners who have visitors or children dropping by.”

So here they are…











Sharnie is not a Ragdoll

Sharnie is not a Ragdoll

They are the friendliest cats we have ever looked after, they are more like dogs, when we go out they come running to the door to greet us and love playing. They have a variety of toys that we bring into the lounge in the evening and it is very entertaining to watch them play together. They all have very different personalities and it is fascinating to watch the interaction between them. They have accepted us and Jack says we are now part of their “pride”.

I am usually more a dog person, but these cats have quite stolen my heart and we really enjoy their company.







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23 thoughts on “G’day from the feline family

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  2. poppytump

    Awww PP how lovely to get back in the blog world and see this gorgeous post ! you must be having so much fun with these fluffcats 🙂


  3. oh my gosh… cute overload.. want to hug and kiss all of them.. thank you for sharing 🙂


  4. I always had cats as a child, but now I only have dogs. These ragdolls seem very nice! I have a friend’s friend who has got three of them, but I have never met them. Yours look very fine on photo too. Totti, my youngest dog, is more like a cat than like a dog…I tease him about that…


    • I always had dogs when on the farm in NZ and only had farm cats that lived outside to keep the mice under control so these cats are so different to what I knew, they are a beautiful friendly breed


  5. They’re gorgeous! What great housemates to have 😀


  6. Thanks for great photos of this lovely kitty family…..especially love the one ‘relaxing by the fire’. do you brush these fluffy felines? one of mine has a lot of ragdoll in her mix, & loves being brushed.


    • Yes these ones all enjoy being brushed but we don’t have to do it all the time they do groom themselves regularly


  7. I love your housemates


    • House-sitting is great we never know what will come next. All the pets we have looked after we have fallen in love with, they are like grandchildren we love them but can give them back… 🙂


  8. what beautiful and friendly cats they are! long ago we had a cat that seemed more like a dog; cleo would tag along on long walks on the farm! …. reflecting back – wow, i miss that cat!

    thanks for giving us a peek at your new charges; how are the peeping tom-guinneas?!


    • Yes they are real characters, we put them on a harness and lead when we take them out onto the sun deck to join us for our morning cuppa, they line up at the door at 10am and let us know it is time to go out.
      Those crazy guineas have realized we are here to stay for a while and now just ignore us…


      • yes, guineas make amazing watchdogs. i stayed on the grounds of a country b&b for several months, and i could always tell when they had guests.. the guineas announced when she came to work before dawn, and they also announced when she went home late at night!


        • Oh they were unwanted alarm clocks when you are on holiday… 😦 So far it is only the cockerels that wake us in the morning


  9. they are absolutely beautiful !!!!!


  10. Awwww, me being a cat (and a dog, as well) person I could start purrring just looking at those photos! All so different but equally beautiful 🙂


  11. Gorgeous 🙂


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