The road trip north

The very thought of a road trip stirs my blood and a sense of freedom pumps through my veins.

The music, loud and vibrant, throbs in time to the hum of the wheels as we head north. Sun turns to showers then back to sun again, the view through the windscreen is of the road rolling up and over the hills, stretching through the endless vista of  Australian bush, turned rich and green because of 3 wet seasons.

Two days travel and the scenery is tropical it changes to ten foot high, thick, lush sugar cane crops. Harvest has started on what looks like a bumper crop this season. Sugar cane factories belch smoke in small isolated townships as they whip by, a garage, a hotel/pub, maybe a general store and a clutch of weatherboard houses.

This is the fastest trip we have ever made, covering 2000 kilometres in 5 days, no side trips not even any photo stops and we stayed each night in a motel.

Best motel we stayed at

Best motel we stayed at

Gillies Highway

Gillies Highway

Glimpse of the Tablelands

Glimpse of the Tablelands


Finally we reach the Gillies Highway a daunting 19 kilometre climb up to the Atherton Tablelands. Fast, modern cars trail impatiently behind us as Matilda struggles up the steep, very windy incline, I pull over when possible and they flash past leaving us once more in splendid isolation to enjoy the freedom of the drive. The rainforest is thick on each side of the road and occasionally we catch a glimpse of the mountain range that we are going to call home for the next 3 months.


So here we are. 5 days getting here, 2 days with our new home owners being shown the ropes of looking after the 2.5 acre property and how to care for the feline family, the chooks and the garden before they flew off to India, the Maldives and Cambodia. Another week has flown by as we settle in to our new house sit. After 6 weeks of almost continuous rain before we arrived the weather amazingly turned fine the day we got here and then it stayed sunny for the next week. Today it is raining again so at last I have opened up the computer to say “g’day” to you all.


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14 thoughts on “The road trip north

  1. G’day darling, I see i clicked a like when you posted, I must have forgot to come back and read. That happens sometimes as I am out and on my phone and it won’t load or I get interrupted. I never mean to miss a post. I will do better.
    Promise…to try.


  2. Joan and Terry Watson

    Oh just seeing the H/w up North made me relax, it is sooo good, do not know much about the Tablelands as always stayed near the Coast, so looking forward to the next few months of all you stay.
    Cannot believe how quickly you did the trip, how good you 2 are.


    • We can hardly believe old Matilda made it in such good time. Quite different to our usual meandering type of travel. Waterfalls should be great this year after all the rain


  3. Oh, you described those feelings of the freedom beautifully!
    I will be looking these places up and they look amazing. Enjoy your house sit.

    Sft x


  4. G’day, Pommepal. That road trip sounds wonderful, fast and furious. How exciting to have a new area to explore. What an adventure. 🙂


    • Yes the trip was fast and furious, quite different to our usual style of travel. I was proud of old Matilda and how well she went. 🙂


  5. What a wonderful adventure! The Tablelands image reminds me so much of The Smokey Mountains – one of my favorite vacations. Makes me long for another adventure of my own! 😉


    • Thanks for looking around my world, I enjoyed sharing it with you. The Tablelands are renowned for their waterfalls. I’m looking forward to exploring around here.


  6. The tablelands look gorgeous. how are the kitties? you are so adventurous!


  7. So pleased that you made it OK. Not having heard from you for a couple of weeks I was beginning to think you had been forced to stop somewhere. Enjoy the tablelands, one of the best parts of Australia.


    • Thanks Al for your concern, lots of road works along the Bruce highway, but we made it in record time for us. Looking forward to exploring this area, waterfalls should be spectacular with all the rain they have had.


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