Weekly Photo Challenge : Change

For 3 years we have followed the sun around Australia. We have had continual summers. Matilda, our van, has been our constant companion, accommodation and transport. Now we are going to fly south instead of north and leave Matilda behind.

We are on the cusp of change.

I have felt a restlessness growing. Destinations have called me. I love to discover new places. The mystery of what is over the hill and round the next bend intrigues me. Australia is a diverse and dramatic land with huge distances to cover and I loved exploring the endlessly changing landscapes. A hard drive filled with digital images is testament to my love of this country and the many places we have visited.

But I can also feel a physical slowing down, a need to savour the time left to me.

Then comes one of those decision-making moments….

So we are going to Tasmania.

Friends look at us quizzically and say “Tasmania?” “Do you know how cold it is down there?”

Other’s say “Tasmania it is incredibly beautiful, you’ll love it”

So what was that decision-making moment?

For a several weeks I have had destinations swirling around in my head. Gradually they became short-listed to 3…

  1. A road trip through the red centre of Australia, watching the sunset on Uluru, then spending winter in the tropical north– again…
  2. A trip to Cambodia to see the amazing temples and statues of Angkor Wat
  3. Tasmania. But it was down the bottom of the list due to the climate in winter.

Then a message arrived in my in-box from the “House carers” site we belong to. That message changed all our plans.

A lady in Hobart needed someone to look after her house and care for and love her little dog for 8 weeks. Now just to back-track, we have done house sitting when we travel  and always enjoyed the experience and the home owners have become friends. So I applied for the position, we made contact and after a few emails back and forth and a phone call the decision was made and so in 16 days we will fly to Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania.

During the past couple of days we have dug out our winter clothes that where stored away in boxes under the bed for 3 years. Now comes the difficult job of deciding just what we will need and even more difficult job of selecting only 23 kilogram then squeezing it into a suitcase.

Is it going to fit?

Is it going to fit?


The flight is booked for May 1st, but there are lots of things to do before we leave. So with our thermals and winter woollies packed we will soon be up up and away….

Tasmania has always been on my must see list so I am looking forward to our stay there. No doubt there will be lots of photo opportunities so stay tuned.


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47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Change

  1. I think it is destiny and I look forward to learning of Tasmania through the eyes of both you and Jack!


  2. Joan and Terry Watson

    Being an ex Pom like me, you will just love Tasmania, I have been there Terry has not, but we have friends there so may make another trip, we are just off to Evans Head, love it there too, only a week, we have an iPad so can keep up to date with your travels.


  3. My dad almost emigrated us all to Tasmania, when I was a teenager. I’ve often wondered how my life would have changed if he’d gone ahead with it. 😕 I l also battle with the 23kgs limit. 😦


    • Yes our lives are filled with “what ifs”. I think destiny plays a strong part in our life’s direction. I’m still sorting and pondering what I can leave behind. I saw it was 7deg in Hobart last night…. Brrrr


  4. Have a great trip ! You must make the trip to Cambodia. We were there for a week and it’s such a magical place and the people are so warm and welcoming. Really hope you make that trip soon 🙂


    • Thank you for the comment and recommendation. Maybe next year. What month did you go and what was the weather like?


  5. Have a wonderful adventure!


  6. Hi Pauline, Jack – I don’t see many of Jack’s things there! Loved Tasmania, especially Ross and the west coast. Snow on mountain in Hobart in March!! I am enjoying your photography- keep it up. Bruny Island is worth a visit if you have a couple of days to spare! Al Sweet


    • Hi Al good to hear from you. At this moment Jack has gone for a short trip around Tweed Valley in Matilda with all his things. Yes he will be back and I will have to do a re-take of the cases when we have them packed. Thanks for the tip on Bruny Island


  7. What a wonderful opportunity. There’s something out there that sends vibes our way when we’re in a dilemma – seems to say ‘ here’s a reason, go do it’. Have a brilliant time. 🙂


  8. Ooh I love it, a serious change of pace, and climate, for a couple of months. Are you leaving Matilda somewhere safe so you can pick her back up again if you decide to? 🙂 Ailsa


    • Hi Ailsa love that phrase “serious change of pace and climate”. Yes Matilda will be staying home alone till we get back then will possibly head north to warm up in Cairns for another couple of months with her. Now I must go photograph the benches in our garden….


  9. Ahh, wanderlust. Pauline, what a wonderful adventure ahead of you and Jack! I’m so looking forward to reading of your travels and seeing your pictures. I love seeing new places through you!


    • G’day Maddie, welcome to my world. I’m a bit nervous about the temps down there my body is now aclimatized to Queensland but I’m looking forward to exploring and living in a new place for 8 weeks


  10. What a fantastic thing to do. I can’t wait for the Tassie pictures to come rolling in! Best of luck, my friend! 😀


    • Thanks Dianne I have been looking forward so long to get to Tassie I’ve heard so much about it’s beauty, my photography inner person will be in heaven.


  11. jackie

    I wonder how long before the gypsy urge made the feet itch for the next adventure. Looking forward to plenty of photos and blogs! Ive often wondered about Tasmania, so now I will be able to get a taste of it through your writings. 🙂


  12. I love Tasmania. Hobart is absolutely charming. Are you going to live in the quaint neighborhood up the steps? I have lots of photos. You will be able to post fascinating posts from Tasmania. While you are flying to Tasmania, I will be in the middle of The Sargasso Sea enroute to Europe.
    What fun and what a great adventure. Can’t wait to read about it.
    Cheers to you & Jack!


    • G’day Cindy we will be in Belerive just across the river from the CBD.
      I’m looking forward to following your next journey. Will you be sailing on the Sargosso Sea? What images that conjures up. What photos you are going to have for us. What parts of Europe are you going to?


  13. Good luck! Loved Tasmania 🙂 never heard of house-sitters. What a great idea!


    • Thanks for commenting Tina. We love house sitting it is a great way to really get to know an area and meet interesting people and of course adopt some lovely pets for a while.


  14. Don’t you love when destiny helps make the decision? Have a great trip!!!


    • G’day thanks for dropping in. Yes I am a great believer in destiny and going with the flow. It makes life so interesting


  15. Sandra

    I’ve always fancied Tassy too; I hope it’s not too cold, at least you wont get the bush fires at that time of year. Will look forward to ‘visiting’ via the blog….


  16. Another adventure! Wonderful.
    I had a friend from Tasmania and it looks very beautiful from what I’ve seen, but of course, you’re making a winter visit. I hope it lives up to expectations for you. Sounds like it was meant to be.


    • I think Tassie is beautiful in all seasons and we will be going in autumn so I am hoping for lots of autumn leaf photos. Yes it does seem like destiny doesn’t it.


  17. Have you checked out the blogger, The Road to Serendipity? She lives in Tasmania. My husband taught me to roll clothes in a suitcase. It’s a military trick. You can cram lots more in.


    • Thanks for passing on the link to “the road to serendipity” I will go over and check it out. Yes that trick of rolling clothes is a good one, thanks for passing it on. I’m going to need every trick to fit it all in 🙂


  18. Sounds like a good holiday. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos!


  19. What a great opportunity for you both, I can see why you grabbed it with both hands. Good luck with the packing! 🙂


    • Thanks Eleenie, life can lead you in some interesting directions can’t it? Will have to take a revised photo of what I actually fit in the case…


  20. Sounds like a great trip to me 🙂


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