Queens Gardens Townsville 036_4000x3000

Rainforest tree

6 thoughts on “Queens Gardens Townsville 036_4000x3000

  1. Patrick Mccartney

    Hi, is this your photo? Did you take it? It looks very similar to this one on this website…https://www.bodhihouse.me/ I’m trying to track down the copyright holder 🙂 to ask for permission to use it in an academic article.


    • I am not too sure which photo you are referring too, I looked at the one on “bodihouse” and that is not one taken by me, but all the photos on my blog posts are taken by me or my partner. What sort of academic article are you wanting to use it in?


      • Patrick Mccartney

        Hi, did you get my reply? I disappeared after I pressed ‘post comment’.


        • No reply came through


          • Patrick Mccartney

            I found your photo through uploading the Bodhi House image to https://www.labnol.org/internet/mobile-reverse-image-search/29014/#images – the program said it was a 100% match. The cropped metadata on their photo alludes to the fact that they got the image from another website, but it doesn’t say where. Then, I then went back BH and asked them whether it was their photo or yours. No response. Then, minutes later, they took down their website. They originally told me a few days before that they have closed the business, but the website has been up for months. I first found it at the start of this year.

            I’m convinced that this photo is yours. And, several people who have also seen both photos agree. It seems they just cropped your original image a little to get rid of the path. And maybe did some slight editing in some program. But, the light and shadows are identical. I don’t see how it is possible that you and they have basically taken the exact same photo. What are the odds?

            I’m an anthropologist based in Kyoto http://yogascapesinjapan.com – The article is going to appear in http://asianethnology.org/ – this is a prestigious, open sourced, anthropology journal based in Nagoya that focuses on anthropology in Asia. All the articles are free to the public. My article will come out, hopefully in the 2nd edition, next year. The article is about the politics and economics of the imaginative consumption of yoga-inspired lifestyles. The BH example that I use demonstrates and discusses the deep ecological ethic that runs through the marketing strategy of the global wellness industry.

            If you consent to me using your photo in my article, then I will credit you accordingly with a link to your blog, if you like. And let you know when it is published.


            • That is very interesting Patrick. I appreciate you getting in touch to ask permission and I am actually quite honoured that my photo is suitable for your article and I have no objection to you using it.


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