Wild Weekly Photo Challenge : Green

The challenge from “Let’s be Wild” this week is Green. So I am going to take you to New Zealand or Aotearoa (land of the long white cloud) the Māori name for this green, fertile country.

When I travel from Australia to New Zealand it is the vivid, vibrant green landscape that is such a contrast to the Australian landscape and it’s palette  of colours.

The dairy and sheep farms are a rolling sea of lush green grass producing the best produce in the world. The country is marketed as the “clean green” paradise…

Bay of Plenty, what a good name for this rolling green farming country in NZ

Bay of Plenty, what a good name for this rolling green farming country in NZ

New Zealand farming country

New Zealand farming country

But there are 2 Islands making up New Zealand (actually 3 if you count Stewart Island) The South Island is wild and rugged dominated by lakes and the Southern Alps running down it’s spine. Go over to the West Coast of this Island and you enter another world. A world of mist and constant rain creating forests that drip with moss and lichen that covers branches with a pale iridescent green. The atmosphere is haunted and surreal.

Haast Pass New Zealand South Island

Haast Pass New Zealand South Island

In contrast Australia is a different green. Yes some areas are as green as New Zealand, the Atherton Tablelands are prime dairying country. The tropical rainforests with the palms and huge, broad-leaved, buttress rooted trees entwined with lianas and vines are a dark, dusky, olive-green

Tropical rainforest, Cape Tribulation

Tropical rainforest, Cape Tribulation

Finally the many shades of dusty, sage green of the Australian bush.

I never expected to find shrubs or trees along the road across the Nullabor plains, after all the name “Nullarbor” is Aboriginal for “treeless plain”The word “Nullarbor” is from two Latin words (nullus arbor) literally meaning “no tree” (Null, from nullus = nothing, arbor = tree).  It was first named in 1865 by E.A. Delisser ( Thank you Sandra for this information)

But at the Western edge of the Iconic Nullabor plains road we camped in among this group of shrubs and was amazed at the variety of colours.

Western edge of the Nullabor plain so many shades of green

Western edge of the Nullabor plain so many shades of green

Browse through the “Let’s be wild” site, if you enjoy these photos make a comment on the “lets be wild ” site. You will also find some excellent posts on this subject. Maybe you have some green photos you would like to share with us…

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23 thoughts on “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge : Green

  1. I really like the sheep photo and the last one!


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  3. Lovely as usual!


  4. Very peaceful. 🙂


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  6. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I’ve been to the Nullabor, but never visited New Zealand. I must make that trip one day 😉


  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


  8. Sandra

    All the shades of green are so beautiful and all relate to their own different settings, the amount of rain/shade and nutrients in the soil; nature is so wonderful. ps I’m wondering why the aborigines use the Latin term Nullabor, which also means ‘no trees’


    • G’day Sandra, Thank you for comments. Yes I rechecked and you are right the name is Latin for no trees and was named Nullarbor in 1866. I must correct that in my post…I picked up about the aboriginals naming it by hear-say and didn’t check my facts. I appreciate the comment


  9. I loved your landscapes even lusher than good old Devon!


  10. Thank you for visiting me! And your pictures of New Zealand and Australia are beautiful – I read that you consider NZ as your second home country! – I almost do so too. Even if I have only been there for a month, it was instant Love. Australia I have never visited, but I know many Swedes who have. I have friends and relatives who have worked there or are working there too.


    • I now live in Australia and really love this turbulant country but my 2 children still live in NZ and it was instant love for me when I moved there in 1961


  11. they are all beautiful images! the first image has so many interesting angles and lines that lead the eye on a zig-zag journey through the photo. the header image is also very soothing! z


  12. Amazing green pictures.


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