Queensland floods

This tree could not survive the winds

This tree could not survive the winds

Queensland is once more being inundated with a massive storm system. It is slow-moving and dumping enormous amounts of rain and lashing gale-force winds of over 100kph. Over 6 days it has moved south from Cairns in the north. Yesterday it reached Brisbane, our beautiful capital city, after the huge storms of 2011 many people had only just put their lives back together again. My heart aches for these poor families.

Late yesterday We went down to our beach to see what the storms were doing. Jack took this photo of one of a big old tree blown over. So sad to see. The visibility was almost nil and the waves were roaring and wild



Jack took some photos but we did not stay long it was scary watching the awesome power of nature.

This morning we are watching the TV showing all the flooding. So far Bundaberg is the worst affected, with the flood levels above the previous  recorded in 1897.

Thousands are without power and so far we still have our connection to the world so I am sending out these photos while I can.

Lisa of Zeebra Designs and Destinations  re-blogged this post and also found this link for photos of the flood and kindly put it in the comments, so I have put it in the post as well. Click here to see them. Thank you Lisa…

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46 thoughts on “Queensland floods

  1. To get good photos of the damage you need to get soaking wet. Love is not in the air, u.f.o. are and not from outer space.


  2. A very scary event. I’m glad you and your family are safe. Take care.


  3. petit4chocolatier

    Looks pretty bad. Stay safe.


    • Thank you, fortunately the worst has passed by for us, but further south New South Wales are now bearing the brunt of hurricane Oswald with wind and rain


  4. Joan and Terry Watson

    Being an ex pom, luckily now an Aussie, the extremes in this country I just find mind blowing, yesterday Mon I thought it was all over, but once again the floods came right up to our back fence, of course Mudgeeraba flooded, this am all very quiet, cousin in Red Rock near Coffs, house near the beach, and now Pacific Hwy of course flooded, loved the photos


  5. That looks bad! Glad you are safe, take care Pauline 🙂


    • Thanks Madhu, it is slowly passing over hopefully we will be ok by tomorrow but now it is moving into our neighbours in New South Wales


  6. Sandra

    Australia has certainly had the short straw this year with the awful bush fires and now these terrible floods and cyclones; so sorry for all the poor people who have lost their homes. I hope it calms down soon…keep safe both of you!


    • Hi Sandra we are ok in our area compared to some of the others, and they still have bushfires raging in Victoria. How is your water situation Now?


  7. I stayed up to watch the Australia Network news – floods in Queensland, fires continuing to threaten townships in Victoria!

    I saw pictures of the waves slashing into the sand dunes and acres of swirling foam drifting up into the streets at high tide (alas, I nodded off for a second or two and didn’t see whether they were at the Gold or Sunshine coasts), and that Gympie was preparing for a 17 metre (?) flood peak – lets hope there’s no flash flooding and that people have time to get their things up to high ground. Twice in two years is a bit extreme, isn’t it?

    Hope you’re safe from the storm and no trees come crashing down anywhere in your vicinity.

    Take care 🙂


    • It was both Sunshine and Goldcoast with the foam. We went down to see it this afternoon, it was very gritty and sandy foam. It is abit slower build up this year but it seems to be still reaching the same levels and higher. Some people have had 3 floods in 2 years. Thank you for reading and commenting on my post.


  8. We live in a land of extremes – bush fires one week, flooding the next! Hope things calm down for you soon 🙂


  9. It wasn’t nearly as destructive in Cairns. I think it must have gained strength as it went down the coastline. We’ve had Telstra out all day and 000 isn’t working (GREAT!) My brother is in Coffs and I believe it’s hit there today, but I haven’t been able to contact him yet 😦


    • Yes it seems to keep forming tornados and real gusty winds. I hope your brother is ok as Coffs is now right in the firing line of Oswald..Is your weather now ok?


  10. Hope you’re both safe and well!


  11. So sorry to hear this. My hear goes out to those affected by nature’s wrath. Hope you fare well.


  12. Hope you’re fairing well. The gold coast copped a battering yesterday. Thankfully I am unaffected as are most of my friends. Spent yesterday up near Caloundra … Water everywhere. Drove through Redcliff and Sandgate today. Sandgate is under water with the king tides. Such an angry lashing sea.yet so many idiots still get out when it’s dangerous. Downloading my photosnow :p


  13. I hope that you are both OK! Thanks to Z for sending me over!


  14. Storms are sometimes unpredictable and certainly do destroy. I remember being in a hurricane when I was a teenager and relive iit sometimes in my dreams with the sound of breaking glass. May yours find peace and settle down.


    • Thank you for your kind thoughts I’m sure many people will be having nightmares of the previous floods and now it is happening again


  15. our thoughts and prayers are with you all


  16. That is terrifying… Hope it will be over soon! Stay safe.


  17. Stay safe, warm and dry!!


  18. This looks really terrible. Pommepal. My thought are with you, and I hope the weather improves soon. Keep us updated if you are able.


    • Thank you Ad for your thoughts. We have just been for a walk down to the beach in the rain. The council are already cutting up that fallen tree and as we arrived back home, soaked through, it stopped raining and the sun came out


  19. Reblogged this on Zeebra Designs & Destinations and commented:
    Sweet Gypsy Pauline just sent this out regarding the flooding in Australia. Let’s hope the storm exhausts itself soon.

    Here are some images from an online ABC report: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-27/queensland-floods-as-oswald-moves-south/4486174


  20. Amiga! Thank you for sending this report and I hope that the storm dissipates soon. May your electricity hang on, as well as your trees, gardens, roof, etc. I’m going to try to find a weather site to track the storm. I’m glad Jack is there!


    • Thank you for the re-blog and for adding the link to the flood photos. I will add it to the post


      • you are so welcome! I’m working late – just stopped painting and am about to post ‘D’ for the alphabet challenge.. then go to sleep!!! it’s great to know that you still have power and haven’t washed away!


        • 4-15pm over here we have just arrived back after a walk down to the beach in the pouring rain. After getting back home, drying off and having a coffee the sun has now come out. Jack has gone outside to tidy up the fallen branches etc. Goodnight my friend


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