Travel Theme : Multiples (2)

I love the stateliness of these plants. This is in response to Ailsas travel theme “multiples”. Check her blog “Where’s my backpack” for lots more posts, or if you would like to join this large community of bloggers that take on Ailsas theme each week.

This also made me ponder on how important our photos are and how devastated I would be to lose them.

I searched all through my photos for this. I thought I had lost it. Then I remembered I had put it into my “Flickr” photo stream.

So I still have a copy. I have not been backing my photos to Flickr for the past year due to travel and poor internet connections so a new year’s resolution is to go through and put the most important ones into Flickr. I have them on a separate hard drive but that may not be enough.

Last night I watched the newsΒ in horror and sadness, with tears in my eyes, as the awful devastation of yet another bush fire blazed through a small town in Tasmania wiping out 60% of the towns buildings. Many of the residents running into the ocean to escape the blaze and from there watching as the fire consumed everything. They lost every thing.

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41 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Multiples (2)

  1. wow would love a bunch of those mosquitoes kill me over here


  2. Its been a devastating time for a lot of people who have lost everything they own through a fire, flood or other adverse weather -some of the families here have lost everything not once but twice in a year owing to floods. It reminds me however, bad you think life is for you, someone else is having a far worse time


    • The world weather patterns are really chaotic, and yes we can always see other people struggling and be thankful for what we have.


  3. love them never seen them before


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  5. Stunning πŸ™‚ love these … Have a small one πŸ™‚


  6. Lovely photo, it reminds me of the rhubarb that I used to see growing when I was a child. I’m incredibly sad to hear about the fires, too. I experienced them on a much smaller scale when I lived in Greece, and that was scary enough. I cna’t imagine what it must be like in Australia. They’re a stark reminder to us that we will never control Mother Nature.


    • These plants are actually carniverous. Insects get attracted to them, fall down the tube and then are digested by the plants secretions. Fascinating stuff!!!
      Australia is always in danger at this time of the year. It is very scary, you are right we cannot control Mother Nature


  7. Beautiful pics πŸ˜‰

    It’s so awful about Tassie! I’ve been through a bushfire – it’s horrendous and very frightening 😦


    • Which bush fires were you caught up in? It looks terrible on the TV second hand, to be involved would be, as you say, very frightening.


      • I was in the Canberra bushfires. We had friends staying from Cairns and they said they’d rather go through a cyclone because at least you know what’s happening and where the threat is coming from. 500 homes went up (including some of my family’s) and four people died. In the middle of the day the sky looked like it was midnight. It’s was very scary…


        • Yes I remember those Canberra fires. We seem to be getting the bush fires in different areas and nearly every year now


  8. Yes the fires here have been bad Gypsy Life. Tasmania is a small island in comparison to the expanse of the mainland and some of the areas you travelled through last year. We still have fires burning here and many people have no houses to go back home to … only ash … so lots of state emergency procedures and support systems in place already.
    Check out the news on
    Also summer holiday makers and tourists at the well known historical Port Arthur convict site have been stranded due to road closure and I believe some families spent the night in their cars there.


    • Thank you for forwarding the link, it is a terrible disaster, thankfully no one died. The photos in the link are so sad. Where would you start after loosing every thing. My heart goes out to them. Do you live any where near those areas?


  9. Beautiful plants, Pommepal. How awful for those people caught up in the bush fires. I just can’t imagine.


    • They are such unusual plants, they catch and devour insects. The fires are terrible. Holistic complications sent me a link to a site about the fires. See her post above for the story and pictures


  10. Beautiful photo and plants. So sad about the fires. 😦


  11. I love these! I know I would love to have some at the plantation! They are so beautiful!


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