Weekly Photo Challenge : Foreign


Here comes lunch…

This week the subject is “foreign” so we all search through our photos and come up with very interesting pictures of scenery, people and cultures of places we have travelled to. To us these all show something that is foreign to our eyes, BUT, the ironical part is that the people in the photos are usually the locals in an every day enviroment for them. To them it is us who are the foreigners (well to my eyes even the word looks strangely spelt)

I don’t think a picture of me would be very interesting so I have gone along with the me exploring a foreign enviroment….

This is Korea, we have visited it a number of times. We love the place. It seems to have slipped below the tourist radar. The Koreans are very friendly and helpful, not at all pushy, no touts constantly harrassing you, no beggars, no graffitti, fantastic, easy to use public transport system.In the morning rush-hour the trains are packed shoulder to shoulder with well dressed, business men and women. What amazed us, being older, we would always have a younger person offer us their seat. The young are very clothes and fashion conscious and the streets of Seoul have a vibrant atmosphere, busy, bustling and industrious.

Maybe because they did not have an economy that relied on tourists we had many instances of local people spontaneously helping us if we were looking lost or studying a street map. Even when in parks we would be invited to share a picnic with family groups and they would practice english speaking with us.

It is a patriarchal country, the husbands, fathers, brothers are all cared for and respected by their women-folk. The men we came in contact with worked very long hours. The women were expected to stay at home and look after the children and her husband, though that culture is starting to change a little in the younger generation.

Now to come to the above photo….

It was taken in one of the many markets around Seoul, but the reason I took it was to capture the man in the green trousers. He has insulated lunch boxes on his head, he has been round to apartments to collect the lunches prepared by the wives, and he will drop each one to the husband. It is unheard of for the men to prepare their own lunch and unless they are going out for a business lunch, he eats it at his desk or place of work.

Very hot looking Kim-chi

There are many things I could include about Korea but just a couple more photos. This is a spice stall in the markets and that is KIm-chi. A very hot, spicy  and vinegar cabbage dish that accompanies every meal as a side-dish. It is certainly an acquired taste but I loved it. As far as I know this is a dish that is unique to Korea. The food is different to other Asian countries, meat and vegetables cooked on a portable BBQ hot-plate at your table was one of my favourites, The very thinly sliced raw meat and vegs are put on the table, the hot-plate has a moat of water around the outside that the juices drip into, that is then used as a gravy, with side-dishes of chillies, spiced cucumber and, of course, kim-chi, yummy…

Now what shall we choose for lunch?

In the market areas there are whole streets of food cafes. The dishes are displayed outside and when you stop to try to decide what each dish is and try to make a decision about where to eat, a Korean lady would come out to urge you to try their place. When you eventually make a decision the food is very reasonably priced, cooked fresh while you wait and we never had a bad meal.

I would definitely suggest you visit Korea if you are looking for some where different to visit.





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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Foreign

  1. Thanks Pauline. These are wonderful street photos, and, along with your words, give a great sense of a country I’ve never considered, except to acknowledge ignorance of the Korean War.


    • Yes the forgotten war. So much misery and before that the invasion by the Japanese when they tried to take away the countries identity in a horrible way.


  2. I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to check out this post. I too have enjoyed a couple of great, though short, stays in Korea. I’d heard it was businesslike and unfriendly, but that was not my experience at all. And fabulous food!


    • We found the Koreans to be reserved but very friendly. Yes they are also businesslike they work very long hours. This is not a social welfare country so no handouts and the families care for their aging parents, no putting them in a home. Our son married the eldest daughter in a family of 3 daughters and in the very interesting wedding ceremony he had to promise to care for his new in-laws as they got older…


  3. Lunch delivered fresh from home ..amazing! Thank you for this very informative article. Sounds like a great place to visit.


  4. Great point about us often being the foreign subject. I thought the same thing! 🙂


  5. Very interesting post, pommepal. I’ve never been to Korea, but it sounds like a great place to visit. “No touts, no beggars and no graffiti” sounds very appealing. 🙂


    • It is a very safe country to visit, quite different to the other Asian countries. Very modern, great shopping and I love the spicy food and the family orientated culture.


  6. What a wonderful post PP! I love all the detail you have included about everyday life. JUST FASCINATING. MORE POSTS LIKE THIS PLEASE! I have never looked at going to South Korea before but you have wetted my appetite.

    Only yesterday I was asking for advice about next year’s travel locations. I wonder if you could help:

    Should I go for smaller (UK/Europe) trips including one to Russia
    Should we have a few mini breaks in the UK and go to Japan.

    I’m undecided and looking for a sign.

    Sft x


    • Hi Sft, difficult question for me to answer because I love being away for long periods at a time. Eg it took us a year to go around Australia!!
      Russia is such a huge destination to add on to the end of a UK/Europe trip. I found Russia to be a fascinating place in 1989. I did a post about part of that trip.. http://memoriesaremadeofthisblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/1989-memories when I worked in UK for a year in 1990 I did a 3 week bus tour around Europe, it was good but only whet my appetite and frustrated me, 9 countries in 3 weeks…
      Depending on how long the period is for the trip I would say don’t try to fit too much in. Choose the place you want to see most and concentrate on really enjoying it.
      So much to see, so little time….
      Thanks for coming to my site and having a conversation, I love it…


  7. Whenever I see bloggers gorgeous pix of Korea I get wanderlust – it seems like a lifetime ago that I was there and your photos bring it all back – the smells, tastes and sights are marvellous.


  8. I absolutely love Korean food. Great pics for the challenge;)


    • Yes even the Korean restaurants over here (Australia) serve very genuine Korean dishes. We did go to a Pizza Hut in Korea and we had to ask for a “doggy bag” the serving was so big. When they brought it out to us it was all wrapped up and tied with a ribbon and big bow on top. Presentation is everything to the Koreans


  9. Oops! I meant “without”


    • We loved shopping in Korea, you were given space to browse, and when you did buy something it was always wrapped up like a present, pretty paper and ribbons.


  10. a market with touts – heaven!


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