The pro’s and con’s of travel

Travel is a challenge. It takes you out of your comfort zone. Each day is an unknown factor; what will we see; who will we meet; where will we sleep.

These are the pro’s of travel….

The places you see can be exciting, interesting, fascinating or sometimes mundane and boring, but always different. What is round the next corner urges you on. The scenery can be breathtaking, the soaring, rugged mountains, rivers winding through deep gorges or sometimes these are just a dry, sandy riverbeds between banks and stands of river gums and paperbark. If the rains and storms come they will once again become a torrent of raging, rushing  life-giving water. Then the endless stretch of the Mitchel grass plains as they unfold to the horizon and always the bush in all its forms from the dry outback to the lush tropical north.

You learn about the history and absorb the atmosphere of the pioneer settlers as you browse museums and visit heritage houses and buildings. It paints a vivid picture of the hardships endured in this harsh land by these sturdy and brave immigrants. I am in awe of how they survived.

We came across the indigenous people, the original custodians. For thousands of years they survived by understanding and living with and off the land. For many years they have been denied their place in our history. As we pass through the small northern townships we see them aimlessly wandering along the street or sitting in groups in the shade of a tree. Their culture is in tatters  Slowly they are being acknowledged and museums tell of their culture.

These are the con’s…..

You sacrifice a great deal when you travel for longer periods. You miss out on sharing the special times with your family. Having friends drop by for a cuppa and a chat. Sharing meals with friends and family. Wandering around the shops with a favourite girl friend. The comfort of your own bed and having a place for everything and everything in its place. (I’m a bit of a control freak). Being able to wake in the middle of the night and know where the bathroom is. Even something as simple as knowing which tap is the hot and which is the cold without having to look closely for the red or green symbol.

Then I miss the garden, seeing the growth, watching the flowers unfold. The daily wander around to see how the plants and flowers are surviving in this dry season. Stooping to pull a weed then finding a couple of hours have slipped by. One of the first things I do on returning home is walk round the garden with my friends who have cared so lovingly for the garden while I have been away.

What pro’s and con’s do you find in travel?….

I would like to share my garden with you so I wandered around with the camera. I like the new format WordPress have given us for the gallery so I will put a photo essay of our garden in a gallery…..


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18 thoughts on “The pro’s and con’s of travel

  1. What a glorious garden! I wouldn’t want to leave this for an extended period either. Are those cymbidiums in the bottom right?


    • Hi Cindy, I am so lucky because I have very good friends that stay in our house and look after the garden, they love it as much as I do. The flower you mentioned is a Queensland swamp orchid and is an endangered species in the wild now. It is my friends pride and joy and she brought all her favourite plants with her when they moved in and integrated them in with my plants, so it is now “our” garden. When we are home we live down in the granny flat and we refer to ourselves as a “commune”….


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    • Thank you for the compliment of reading my blog and asking me to be a guest blogger for you. I have visited your blogs and you are doing a good job of promoting different styles of tourism but I do not think I fit into that genre as I do not research all the information but just like to write of my experience and the places I visit from a personal level. So at this point I will decline your very generous offer.Good luck with your blog


  3. Pros – learning a new thing everyday and seeing a new scenery everyday
    Con – miss my room and my routine. Also my mom’s cooking


    • I agree about the learning when you travel. When you travel it makes you appreciate every thing at home when you get back. Mom would be pleased to have you back home too


  4. Jackie

    Looks like you back in you paradise again and it’s been we’ll loved since u been away. I’ve got save on grab seat for any deals to skip over …..


  5. Fab garden and so many places to hide away


    • We have lots of seats scattered around and over one of them I have written “Stop take a seat and rest a while and let the world catch up toyou


  6. Jackie

    Pro…. Escape from pressure of business for while. Con…. Catching up when you get back!


  7. Love your garden. Reminds me of some of the plants we grow in our rockery.

    Travel-once it’s under your skin…I love it, as a Sagittarius, my suitcase is always half packed and I dream of just taking off!

    Pros-just having what you need with you. not worrying about possessions.
    leaving your everyday worries behind. having time to think, clearing your head properly.
    As well as of course: seeing unforgettable places, doing unforgettable things. living your life to the full.
    Money spent on travel is never wasted.

    Cons-well as I’ve got older I’ve enjoyed long haul travel less and less. The thought of flying to NZ or Australia although I would love to visit.
    It can be tiring if you don’t stop for a while.
    You miss home-the people and the place.

    Enjoy your time back at home. Great to hear you’re heading back out again.

    Sft x


    • Love your reply, yes a real pro is leaving your worries behind and travelling light. As we are getting older I think we will only be doing the shorter trips now, maybe only a couple of months at a time…


  8. Ooh, I love the swamp orchid!


  9. What a pretty garden you have. It must be glad to see you back again. 🙂


    • I have really good friends who love and care for the garden while we are away so I don’t think it misses me as much as I miss it….


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