The travelling experience, seen in retrospect….

Our home hidden in the garden

We have now been home 4 days. Looking back on the trip it has been very interesting. Staying at the Backpacker hostel was the most interesting. It is nearly 10 years since I stayed in backpackers hostels. We now observed at close quarters the backpacker travel species both international and local and how they had changed in that time.

They are gregarious creatures and usually travel and congregate in groups of two or more. In the evenings they gather in larger numbers to talk, chatter,laugh and swap stories, loudly, till very late at night. Sometimes, actually most times, accompanied by alcohol They are the young of the species, generally in their teens to late twenties. Their body clocks are set at a different time to ours.

So for two weeks we would go to bed after midnight, when the hostel quieted down. Then sleep through till about 9am. Our usual pattern on the road is bed at 9-00pm, up at 7-00am. (We did revert back to that pattern once we were back on the road).

They are a friendly crowd, most are electronically wired with computers, tablets, a few had Kindles and they all had mobile phones, usually the smart phones. Their dress is trendy, casual, not a daggy pair of old blue jeans to be seen. Their diet surprised me as in the communal kitchen I observed some very healthy meals being prepared. Not too many instant noodle meals.

After two weeks we were pleased to mix again with that other travel species, the “grey nomad” and “baby boomer”. The types that inhabit the caravan parks and camp grounds. Travelling in a variety of vehicles.

That got me thinking of other sub-species of travellers…

The tourist or group traveller that travel on buses and move around in packs led by a dominant organizer. They generally inhabit hotels and graze in restaurants.

Within this tourist group is the traveller on the cruise-liner. They prefer to sleep in one place, the cruise ship, but be taken to different countries. They are loosely organized but have the option of choice at each port.

There is one more species I can think of and that is the lone traveller, dedicated to long distance travel, carrying their few possessions on their back. They travel light, sleep rough in either tents or cheap hostels and have a very basic diet.

Can you think of any other types you have met in your travels? I would love to hear your stories…

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12 thoughts on “The travelling experience, seen in retrospect….

  1. Oh yes I forgot the “yuppies” how could I? I see plenty of them around the Goldcoast, they are a very distinctive group. It is so interesting to read the comments and see the number of traveller species you can all come up with.


  2. There are also the young yuppy travelers who save all year to stay in the very best places. I’d like to place myself in that category, but I’m not ‘young’ 😉


  3. Hmmmm.
    There are the silly travelers, with excess cash and little nerve? They pay a ton of money to have a “custom” tours with just their party and a babysitter, I mean tour leader. For example in Africa they go “glamping,” in a tent, in a tree, with a personal plunge pool (not in the tree), oriental rugs and butler. They never do anything without their Abercombie & Fitch babysitter, I mean guide. In Patagonia they pay National Geographic 6x’s what we will pay to go where we want, when we want, and with whom we want.
    Then there are the people who still use travel agents. Why would anyone do this when planning your trip on the internet is so fun & so easy? I guess we could call them the travel agent bunch?
    Fun post! Welcome to home sweet home!


    • Just love the description of this type Cindy, “glamping” with all mod cons and a butler to boot (figuritively of course) I had a real chuckle reading your comment..
      I think the ones that use travel agents are the “older generationr” (and of course we don’t belong to that category!!!)
      Thanks I am enjoying being in one place for a while….


  4. I see you are a people watcher just like me!


  5. This is a very interesting post.

    I love hostelling but at 40 years old I’m not the norm. You did the right thing-if you can’t beat ’em join em’ attitude means conflicts are avoided.

    When are you planning to go back on the road?

    Sft x


    • G’day Sft, yes hostelling is certainly interesting and good for the budget. I will be going back up to collect Matilda when she is fit and raring to go, then we like to spend summer on the Goldcoast so it will be next year before we are on the move again…


  6. Jackie

    Hi…. Like this reflection of the travellers… then I think there is the ones like me….
    Mix and match – bit of comfort with the occasional 4* hotel with luxury, scattered between budget lucky dip choices from trip advisor or some google search site!
    Prefer not to have to make conversation with strangers and can tuck up in huge bed and watch TV if choose to…. or find some adventure or sight-seeing spot that takes our interest, find some quirky cafes or restaurants to dine at … time out for me and Greg… The things I don’t get to do normally! Travel light… and shop for some bargains to bring home as memento … usually jewellery by local artist – and shoes !


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