The trials and tribulations of technology

Gardening soothes my spirit and calms the mind and yesterday I needed that soothing and calming in bucketloads. Just recently I read on one of my favourite sites “gardening canuck” that the soil is populated with Mycobacterium vaccae and they are said to stimulate the production of serotonin and norepinephrine. So after a very frustrating 2 hours trying to finish a post, when the internet connection kept dropping out, or went into a go-slow mode, I gave up and went into the garden.

Pond corner, hard to see but 3 ponds here are constructed from old baths

The jungle corner tamed

This corner of the garden was very over grown. I called it the jungle corner. This was the area I tackled and slowly my mind calmed and I enjoyed the satisfaction of clearing the weeds and cutting back the overgrown shrubs giving them all space to breath and reach for the light. Working among the plants is like a meditation. 2 hours later with 3 large wheelbarrows full of rubbish, I decided it was time to relax with a cup of coffee.

Bali corner, notice the post lovingly created with gem stones collected around Australia

This lovely corner is the coffee corner and now feeling revitalised and calm decided it was time to try to find out what was wrong with the internet.

A short while ago we bought a new, state of the art, you beaut, 4G wi-fi modem. It had all the bells and whistles and could accommodate up to 5 computers wirelessly connected at once, and we took out a 2 year contract with Telstra. We quickly came down to earth when we tried to start-up both, that is only 2!!! computers at once. Neither would work. In frustration I would go to the local library to use their free wi-fi system. Even one computer had problems, so we went to the local Telstra shop. They gave us a 1300 number to call.

Being Pisces we do tend to put some things off, or in the too hard basket, but now the time had come for action…

The 1300 number took us to the Philipines and we talked to a very polite young man called Ren. He was very patient, and he needed to be, as we fumbled around following his directions. His directions actually remotely connected us to his computer and to our amazement, our pointer started to move around the desktop. Approximately an hour later he had discovered that we were on channel 10 when we should be on channel 11. Hopefully it is now going to be ok.

Snow flake bush a mass of flower for weeks in winter

The best part is I have now finished the last corner of the garden giving it a winter tidy and mulch, so that is one more thing ticked on the to-do list before we leave…


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2 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations of technology

  1. once again love your garden, know what you mean, we now have 2 iPhones donated to us by family who keep updating plus a Wi Fi Telstra, what a learning thing this is. and could NOT go into our garden, raining too much. Joan and Terry


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