Weekly Photo Challenge : Angular

South West Rocks P C 043_3000x4000

The sun creates angles and patterns in the old goal.

Braidwood pc 089_4000x3000

An unusual angle looking up to appreciate the interesting detail in this old pub.

Ardoretum PCsx40 023_4000x3000

This exquisite bonsai is a rhapsody of delicate tracery and angles created with care and patience as the tree is manipulated over many years into a thing of beauty.


Looking up at the bold, geometric shapes

Looking up at the bold, geometric shapes and angles of the “Brutalist Architecture” of the High Court in Canberra.

Busselton To Yalling up PC x35 006_3000x4000

Looking up the tree at an acute angle creates a feeling of strength and power.


Windswept trees of the Greenhough Plains

The trees of the Greenhough Plains, near Geraldton, have been forced into this crazy angle by the constant buffeting of the strong winds, but still they survive.

******** ************

Not to put too fine a point on it, though this week, we challenge you to show us what “angular” means to you.

These are just a few samples I found that I think portrays this theme. Check more angles here.

LOGO - wordpress-2014

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Travel Theme : Colourful

It is almost 6 years since I spent a winter on the Goldcoast, so that means I have missed the “Winter Sun Festival” one of the most colourful festivals on the Goldcoast, held the first weekend in June every year . It is now called “Cooly Rocks On Festival

It is a real nostalgia trip back to the 50′s and 60′s. The rock n roll era, days of the huge, extravagant American cars, Elvis Presley was King and the skirts and hair styles were big and bouffant.

It is all here, the music, rock n rolling in the street and the cars, hundreds of them. A rev heads paradise.

Let’s go cruising…


Great Balls of Fire

Great Balls of Fire

Here's Looking at Yer...

Here’s Looking at Yer…


Lots of colourful characters too

Lots of colourful characters too

wintersun 2009 pc 017_2829x2164

Did you spot these shy kids???

Did you spot these shy kids???

Way to go!!!!!

Way to go!!!!!

Tear drops are falling on your head...

Tear drops are falling on your head…


Now who is that with TWO Elvises or this that Elvii???

Now who is that with TWO Elvises or this that Elvii???

Remember these big gas guzzlers?

Remember these big gas guzzlers?

No festival is complete without a clown and balloons.

No festival is complete without a clown and balloons.

To finish and put you in the mood here is a short video I took at the 2009 festival. Watch that cool old guy, he’s really rockin it…


Ailsa has asked us to cheer her winter days up with colour, I hope this makes you feel good.

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Revitalising Rain.

Today it is drizzling. OK that is not going to get down and dirty into the soil, but oh how much the plants love that soft refreshing moisture.

Look at them, they are smiling as they lift their faces to the heavens.

Desert Rose

Desert Rose

I've forgotten the name of this one...

I’ve forgotten the name of this one…

But take a close look at it, it is beautiful

But take a close look at it, it is beautiful

Even the water lilies enjoy the rain.

Even the water lilies enjoy the rain.

Nasturtiums delight me with their orange glow and peppery taste

Nasturtiums delight me with their orange glow and peppery taste

This is only tiny and almost a weed, it tends to take over the rockery area if I don't curb it's enthusiasm.

This is only tiny and almost a weed, it tends to take over the rockery area if I don’t curb it’s enthusiasm.

Finally here are my lettuce only just 4 weeks old and giving me a delicious wholesome feed.

Finally here are my lettuce only just 4 weeks old and giving me a delicious wholesome feed.

It is a pleasure to wander around the garden and share the beauty of nature.

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Rediscovering my Stamping Ground

I am going to see what has changed around this place I call home.

I have been away almost 9 months, so this morning I will walk the streets of my stamping ground.

I live in a small street, only 14 houses and in that time 3 houses have changed hands and 2 are having a major make over.

But the dog park at the end of the street is still the same.

The dog walking park

The dog walking park

At this time of the morning it is deserted, notice how brown the grass is. We desperately need a good rain, then it will all spring back to life.

In the late afternoon it is busy. People bring their dogs and children for some social interaction.

Taking the dogs and family for play time.

Taking the dogs and family for play time.


Over the far side there is a fenced off playing area, a basketball hoop and those piles of dirt are a mountain bike track. The trees behind the park are the Burleigh Knoll conservation area.

But back to the morning walk. Let’s take a pleasant stroll around the conservation park.

Burleigh Knoll Conservation Park

Burleigh Knoll Conservation Park

nature park walk pc 015_3000x4000

This area is small, only about 5 acres but the track wanders around and, apart from the traffic noise, it feels as though you are in a world of your own.

Pelican Lake is across the road, part of the extensive canal and lake system of the Goldcoast. Occasionally pelicans can be seen cruising around, but not today.

Pelican Lake

Pelican Lake

Round the corner and into the semi-industrial area and now I see the changing face of this area.

Down a lane behind one of the businesses I spot some interesting looking graffiti.

Street art Miami jc 022_4000x2664

Street art Miami pc 011_2_3_fused surreal 2_3816x2108

Or could it be Street Art? The owner had commissioned this, but I have no idea what it says.

( I have to admit I played around with this and enhanced it to bring out the colours)

It looks much tidier than I remember. Neatly clipped hedges make a big improvement

It looks much tidier than I remember. Neatly clipped hedges make a big improvement

Then I see that the café culture has moved into this area.

Miami walk pc 003_3264x2448

Small, almost hole in the wall coffee shop. I love the rough, workman like tables and the corrugated iron sheets on the walls. Gives a semi-industrial, pop-up feel. Next door the theme is the same but it is a bridal boutique.

Miami walk pc 001_3264x2448

I like the Asian style door

I like the Asian style door

The enticing aroma of coffee is drifting along this street, now include the rustic, mouth watering smell of bacon and I just have to go into the next café. Come on let’s see what is on the menu.

Miami walk pc 008_3264x2448

Miami walk pc 009_3264x2448

It is obviously popular, look at the queue

It is obviously popular, look at the queue

Cafe culture Miami 005_3264x2448


The Chef is very busy. The eggs are free-range, the sour dough bread is baked on site. Look how the meal is served. Notice the boiled eggs in the egg carton! Bacon, scrambled eggs and herbs in a cardboard box. All very trendy and down market.

I order mushroom, cheese and a fried egg on a sourdough bun with home made tomatoe chutney and served on a bed of rocket in a cardboard box. The mushroom was the size of the bun and the perfectly cooked yolk of the egg oozed out on to the mushroom when I cut into it. The coffee was locally sourced organic beans freshly ground as you ordered. I was in foodie heaven.

Time to sit and people watch

Time to sit and people watch

Things certainly have changed. This is a back street and I only found it by accident when I went for a morning walk. Originally this was a run-down, rather dilapidated old house. Just look what they have done with it now. The Paddock is well named, it has a rural feel in the middle of town and I felt totally relaxed, and a little bit guilty, as I ate my breakfast, I hadn’t intended to eat out.

Jack will be wondering where I have got to, so I complete the circuit home via Christine Avenue, one of the main streets of the area and back past the dog park home.

Later I went back to Pelican Lake just as the sun set for another photo session.

nature park walk pc 046_47_48_49_50_tonemapped deep_4000x3000


Restless Jo” organises a cyber walking group and I love to go along and see where every one is taking us. Maybe you would like to join in.

walking logo


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Visiting the Goldcoast Hinterland

Having friends stay for a few days is an ideal opportunity to show them the “green behind the gold” as the marketing people call the mountains inland from the Goldcoast.

It is only a 20 minute drive along the motorway to the turn-off. Then it is a steady climb 1000 metres to Springbrook Mountain plateau.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 045_3304x2070

It is misty and a slight drizzle shrouds the view, but if you squint you can just make out the hi-rises of Surfers Paradise. This is a land far removed from the glitz and glamour of the Goldcoast. Now we are entering a land of ancient forests and waterfalls cascading over steep precipices. Springbrook is part of the Gondwana Rainforest and is a World Heritage Area.

Purling Brook falls

Purling Brook falls

Can you see the falls? Look very carefully at that black stain and you will see a tiny trickle of water coming over the top of the cliff. It has been a very dry spring.

The last time I visited this area was in March 2013 just after the big Queensland floods.

springbrook pc sx40 021_3000x4000

What a difference…

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 026

Just at the entrance to the Purlingbrook falls walkway, appropriately called Dancing Waters Café. So after walking to the falls and back we went in for lunch.

Famous for Good Quality Home Cooking


“The café has gained the reputation of providing the best coffee on the Mountain. Only good quality coffee beans are used to grind freshly as required.  After 5 years of using Gian Carlo coffee Anastasia now uses BUN coffee from Byron Bay.Famous for good quality home cooking, the café provides delicious cakes such  carrot cake, indulgent chocolate cake, vegan apple and berry crumble , gluten free upside down cake, varieties of which include peach and ginger, pear, apricot and cinnamon , served with cream or Ice cream.  Scones with Jam and Cream .   Tofu Burgers, Felafel 2 ways as a wrap or salad .  Specials change weekly.”

Springbrook jc 062_4000x2664
It lived up to it’s expectations and 2 extra locals came and joined us…
Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 046_4000x3000
So much to see, the road is only 11 kilometres to the end. But the local Springbrook community hall is just down the road from the café, and it is a work of art. So out came the cameras and I thought of Dawn at “Lingering Look at Windows” she encourages us to show any windows we find and share them with her window searching community. So these are for you Dawn…
Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 029
Which is a window and which is a painting???

Which is a window and which is a painting???

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 031

Springbrook jc 095

Next stop is into the Old School Road.

From inside the school room

From inside the school room


The school opened in 1911, but now it is a mini museum about the flora and fauna in the area. The tree stump is a reminder of the huge trees that once grew here. The land was cleared for farming and not many trees were left. (More windows Dawn)

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 047_4000x3000

The Best of All Lookout is at the end of the road and it is a 30 minute walk along a track lined with moss laden relics of the last ice age.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 075_4000x3000


Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 057_4000x3000


Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 058_4000x3000


Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 071_3000x4000


Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 096_4000x3000

The temperature has dropped considerably in this part of the forest. The wind is swirling through the branches and the moss is dripping with moisture. It is very “Lord of the Rings” atmosphere and I look around for Hobbits. THEN rounding a corner we come face to face with these gnarly old giants.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 082_2430x1765

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 079_3000x4000

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 081_4000x3000

These magnificent specimens are approximately 2000 years old. I stand and gaze in awe at them.

There are many longer walks in the area, but now it is time for us to head home.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 098_4000x3000

As we head down the mountain there are glimpses of the dairy farming land on the lower slopes. Going a different way home we pass through the Numinbah Valley and stop in our tracks at the community hall when we see this…

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 105_3000x4000

“Come in” she calls. They are having a Halloween Party and cent auction. But they are just setting up the hall and it is not due to start for another couple of hours. So we decide to keep moving on. But then we see this round the back of the hall.

Springbrook jc 201_4000x2664

2 Beautiful Percheron horses pulling a cart and giving a ride around the paddock for a gold coin donation. It is all in aid of raising money for the local school.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 117_4000x3000

The horses seem to be saying “come on, have a ride” So we did. I love how small communities get together and make their own entertainment. Approximately 300 people live here.

We’ll have to hurry now as it is almost dusk and there is one more place I want to take our friends to.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 125_3000x4000

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 127_3014x1901

It dusk by the time we walk around the Numinbah Valley track, gazing up at the tall fig trees and following the stream as it trickles along over the rocks. Till suddenly it disappears underground.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 131_4000x3000

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 139_3719x2498

Walking carefully around the track and down some steps the river can now be seen as it joins an underground river. It is only a trickle today, but it is an amazing site in full flood.

As darkness falls we decide to put the GPS on. My eye site is not good in the dark and the roads around here have been changed to accommodate a new stretch of motorway and I didn’t know were the new road started. BIG mistake as we realize the rental car’s GPS is out of date and it takes us on a merry ride up hill and down dale into areas unknown. It didn’t know the new motorway existed…

It did look a very scenic drive, what we could see in the head lights (memo to myself, must come here again in the daytime)

Just arrived in Burleigh Heads in time to catch the fish and chip shop before it closed…

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Come walk with me in the garden…

It is spring in Australia, the garden is thriving. The heat of summer is still around the corner but at the moment nature is revelling in the warm, gentle temperatures and all round my garden the flowers are showing their appreciation with a vivid tropical splash of colour.

I love to walk around early in the morning and welcome the new growth.

Come with me and I will introduce the beauty of tropical Queensland.

Paperbark tree.

Paperbark tree.

Winter has been kind this year, quite cold for this area, down to approx. 8-10 deg at night, but there has been a reasonable amount of rain. Unusual as winter is normally the dry season. It shows in the lush green foliage and this paperbark tree has never flowered so well.

Below are the fish ponds created, by Jack, from 3 old bathtubs.

Oct 2014 garden pc 010_4000x3000

The bees are gorging themselves on the nectar. Can you see one coming into land?

The fish ponds

The fish ponds

When we arrived back home, after 8 months travelling around Australia and house sitting, I planted some herbs and lettuce seedlings in pots. In front of the ponds is a lovely sheltered and sunny position and now 3 weeks later they are almost ready to use.

Oct 2014 garden pc 017_4000x3000

Oct 2014 garden pc 018_4000x3000

The Star Jasmine is in full flower and the scent wafts delicately around you as you pass this section of the garden.

Walk along to the other corner of the back garden and there is another pond.

This is the sunny corner of the garden and we have a raised bed full of plants grown from cuttings put in by my friend June, who looks after the garden while we are away.

Round the side of the house and through the gate hidden under the shrubs and into the front garden

Oct 2014 garden pc 046_3000x4000

A rustic brick path meanders through the back of a wide border and past the compost bins.

Oct 2014 garden pc 047_3000x4000

Can you see the bench? Jack made it from all old recycled bits and pieces he found at the rubbish tip. It is wide enough to have a lay down if you are tired. But today we will just pause to take in the view.

Oct 2014 garden pc 053_4000x3000

I put folk art around the outside and across the top it says

“Sit and rest a while for the joy of life to catch up with you”

Oct 2014 garden pc 051_4000x3000

Oct 2014 garden pc 049_4000x3000

There is another seat over the other side. Seats are everywhere.

Oct 2014 garden pc 064_3000x4000

The house nestles among the trees and shrubs, so now let’s walk around the other side of this border. Past that other seat.

Oct 2014 garden pc 071_4000x3000

The road is just in front of these beds but the shrubs hide it.

A selection of some of the things flowering at the moment.

Finally walk past the front of the house and along the drive.

Oct 2014 garden pc 070_4000x3000

Oct 2014 garden pc 001_1421x929

Look what Jack found.


This walk is inspired by Jo over on “Restless Jo” she takes us on lovely walks each Monday and has formed a cyber walking group of people from around the world who will show you some of their favourite places to walk. Why don’t you join them?

walking logo

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A Memorial to a Remarkable Woman


Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley was small and birdlike in stature but she was a giant in the art world. Her paintings of still life’s and interiors vibrated and glowed with warmth. Standing in front of them I could feel the atmosphere of a well-loved room.

The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room

In July 2011 she died at the age of 88 in her home in Sydney surrounded by her beloved art work and all her belongings. Painting to the very end she had just finished the last painting for another exhibition.

Margaret Olly art gallery pc 054_2490x3181

(To see the photos click here)

Australia lost a treasured artist.

In her will she left her house and ALL her possessions to the Tweed Valley Art Gallery. Margaret loved this beautiful area where she was born and grew up.

The Tweed Valley

The Tweed Valley, dominated by Mount Warning, an extinct volcano, today covered in a smoke haze.

Overlooking the Tweed River

Overlooking the Tweed River

The Gallery decided to recreate the house inside the gallery, it has been a mammoth project. Firstly a new wing had to be built and rooms the exact shape and size of the Sydney house constructed inside the new wing.

The new Margaret Olley Art Centre added onto the existing Art Gallery

The new Margaret Olley Art Centre added onto the existing Art Gallery

But that was straight forward compared with the next task. Recreating the inside of the house and studio that Margaret called home. She was a collector, a hoarder and never threw anything away. Everywhere, on shelves, tables, the floor, she left the remains of the objects that had been subjects for her still life paintings. Dead flowers wilted in vases, colourful artificial flowers clustered among baskets of rotting fruit, ornaments picked up from op shops, tubes of paint, old paint brushes in recycled tins, canvasses and books stacked on the floor. It was cluttered splendour of a life’s dedication to art.

Every single item had to be catalogued, then a photo record taken of the position of ALL these “things” right down to the cigarette in the ashtray. Next the packing and transporting to the Tweed Gallery. That was just the start, now the challenge was to recreate the inside of the house exactly, lovingly and carefully.

3 years later in February 2014 the task was completed.

Now I am back home we drove,  with anticipation and two friends, to see this memorial wing to the art and times of Margaret Olley.

The entry doors to the Gallery, depicting Margaret Olley's art

The entry doors to the Gallery, depicting Margaret Olley’s art

What an amazing experience to be transported into the world of this exceptional artist.

The curtains show their age as they hang dilapidated and disintegrating

The curtains show their age as they hang dilapidated and disintegrating

Dawn of “a lingering look at windows” inspires us each week to show interesting windows we have found.

The original windows and doors added authenticity as I peered into this cluttered space. Classical music flowed from an old transistor radio perched among the tubes of paint.

Margaret Olly art gallery pc 064_1984x1488

Margaret Olly art gallery pc 045_4000x3000

Look around, note all the “things”, over 20000 of them, that had been taken, piece by piece, photographed in place, then returned to the same spot to recreate this home that is redolent with the essence of a great and eccentric person who lived, breathed and created superb art works in this space. She said “this is my home, but first and foremost it is my studio”

In the bottom photo look carefully and you will see the small round table with a light over it. That is where Margaret would sit with her Masonite canvas balanced on her knee, resting on the table and that is how she painted.


 The kitchen is small, almost a cubby hole, but many dinners were created here in the past, she was a good and creative cook, but in later years she lost interest in cooking and visitors would bring their own food.

Follow round to the next window and there is the yellow room that features in so many of the paintings

Margaret Olly art gallery pc 053_3000x4000

Margaret Olly art gallery pc 051_4000x3000

This is the last picture Margaret painted of the yellow room

This is the last picture Margaret painted of the yellow room

 Being a triptych it is also the largest she painted. Notice how very closely it resembles the yellow room in the photo above, that is how it was when she died.

A 45 minute  free gallery tour, with a very knowledgeable guide, highlighted the many unique aspects of the items on show, including stories and anecdotes from Margaret Olley’s rich and passionate life.

Now it was time for lunch. The café/restaurant has been enlarged and the views are superb from all the decks. The food matched the overall excellent standard of this world-class art gallery. Prawns in tempura batter and a light noodle and cucumber salad for me and Samosa in a crisp, light filo pastry and green salad for Jack.

The view across the Caldera valley.

The view across the Caldera valley.

The gallery had a number of other exhibits showing, all so different, but all needing time to study the techniques from realistic paintings of flora and fauna of this Tweed Valley Caldera area

Caldera Art 2014

Dailan Pugh
oil on canvas

to fascinating lino cuts featuring almost full size portraits of Captain Cook. The detail was unbelievable. I have tried very basic lino cuts at school as a 12/13-year-old and could understand how many hours of careful dedicated work had been put into these art works.

The Prince the Tiger and a Toad

“Rew Hanks is a Sydney based printmaker whose intricate linocuts are a combination of dry wit, satire and hard hitting imagery which engage social, political and environmental issues. His narratives are amongst the most complex and challenging in contemporary Australian printmaking.”

A collection of art work from children aged 5 to 12 with the brief to depict how they saw life in 500 years time. Very interesting interpretations.

In complete contrast another room held a rather sombre and macabre selection of print works that were the collaboration between artist, writer and print maker.

Hearsay Euan Macleod, Lloyd Jones and Ron McBurnie

“The works were created collaboratively in response to a fascinating story that Jones heard at a writer’s festival. The historic narrative described mass suicides by the members of Balinese royal houses, prompted by the arrival of Dutch ships on the horizon. “Seeing the end of the world as they had known it had apparently driven hundreds of people to walk en masse into the seas, and drown”, Jones writes.”

Finally I will leave Jack to describe his favourite part of the gallery. It was another very unique display and Jack joined in with the hands on interactive fun. Go over and see what he got up to.

This is a one of the best art galleries, outside the main cities, that we have visited and I would urge any one coming to this Goldcoast area to seek it out. It is not easy to find being tucked away behind the charming small town of Murwillumbah, but the drive to find it is worth the trouble, and can be even more of an adventure if you get lost, as all the scenery and villages around this Tweed Valley area are delightful.

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A walk along Beautiful, Burleigh Beach : Joining Jo’s Monday walking group

Sunday beach markets pc 001_1984x1488

This is my street and that hi-rise is on the beach front, just one kilometre away. So join me as I hop on my bike to go down to the beach for my morning walk. Bring water, put on sunscreen and a hat it is hot and sunny.

Today is  a special day as it is the last Sunday of the month and that is the art and craft markets on the beach front.

Sunday beach markets pc 002_4000x3000

Only a 5 minute ride (10 minutes if you walk) and now I tie the bike up. The beach is just the other side of the bushes, from here we will head south, next time we will go north.

Sunday beach markets pc 005_3000x4000

I think I will wander around these markets, it is mostly local art and craft. I have never seen any Chinese or imported products here, great place to shop for gifts or Christmas presents. Be warned this could add an hour or more to the walk…

Sunday beach markets pc 048_3144x2262

It’s a great venue under the shady Norfolk Pines and next to the beach catching all the sea breezes. They are very welcome as it is going to be hot day today.

Sunday beach markets pc 046_4000x3000

That is my cup of iced tea waiting while I take a photo. It was delicious.

Still lots to see.

Sunday beach markets pc 050_2621x2068

This group of Hare Krishnas passed by chanting and playing their instruments. Times have changed as a few years back they would all be in their orange cloaks with shaved heads…

Sunday beach markets pc 052_4000x3000

This is Burleigh Beach, my local beach. It is very hot today and what better way to cool down, but you must swim between the flags as there can be very strong rips along this coast. Notice the surf life savers in their orange and yellow jackets.

That hill in the background is Burleigh Heads National Park and that’s where we will be walking round.

Sunday beach markets pc 053_2601x1606

The surf rescue boat and team are ready for any emergencies, and the sea is very choppy today.

The board riders club are having competitions.

The board riders club are having competitions.

Sunday beach markets pc 059_4000x3000

This is the surf club building, a great place to have a meal upstairs right on the water front. Downstairs you can have a coffee and a snack.

Sunday beach markets pc 062_4000x3000

Further along is my favourite coffee hole in the wall. I think she has recognized me!

Sunday beach markets pc 073_4000x3000

Notice all the seagulls on the scrounge?

Sunday beach markets pc 074_3058x2324

This is the entrance to the National Park.

Sunday beach markets pc 076_4000x3000

The tracks go round the hill in a figure of 8. The right hand track goes up the hill and is STEEP with lots of steps, quite a challenge. The left hand one goes round the bottom of the hill along the ocean. I am not very fit at the moment so we will go along the low track.

Sunday beach markets pc 100_4000x3000

Sunday beach markets pc 114_4000x3000

This gate is padlocked if the track is dangerous. You’ll see the rocks soon.

The day we arrived home a fire broke out on the hill and these gates were locked for a few days. I am interested to see how much damage was done.

10AM: A SENIOR ranger has revealed an illegal camp fire is thought to be behind a large blaze that engulfed Burleigh Headland overnight.

The fire began at about 6.30pm and burned well into the early hours of the morning.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service senior ranger Henry Waterman said about three quarters of the sloping headland had been burnt.( go to this link to see dramatic photos of the blaze)

Sunday beach markets pc 086_4000x3000

How did these Pandanus survive?

The report was that three-quarter of the Park burnt, but in fact it was only a small section of the grass land, the bush was not effected.

Sunday beach markets pc 097_3000x4000

These are the rocks that caused the concern. They have been like this the 16 years we have lived here and probably very much longer.

Between 20 and 23 million years ago, molten lava from numerous eruptions in this area spread in all directions, some flows reaching the present coastline at Burleigh headland. Slow cooling of the thick lava resulted in shrinkage and cracking into six-sided columns. Many slid and rolled to the water’s edge.

So let’s quickly and safely move on.

Round into the shady, cooler bush track

Round into the shady, cooler bush track

Sunday beach markets pc 107_3000x4000

The 6 sided basalt columns line the track.

Sunday beach markets pc 099_4000x3000

Round the other side of the hill we look over to the mouth of the Tallebudgera River. Beyond is Palm Beach and down to Coolangatta and over the border into New South Wales. The wind is whipping up the foam today. No surfers out here in these conditions.

Sunday beach markets pc 119_4000x3000

Further along the river bank it is calmer. That bridge is the Goldcoast Highway, the major road south.

Sunday beach markets pc 120_4000x3000

On the other side of the river is another surf club, they certainly have the best beach front positions.

Sunday beach markets pc 124_4000x3000

This is the intersection of the 2 tracks, to go right it will be all up hill, straight ahead takes you to the Highway. I am feeling quite hot and so I think I will go back the way I came and leave the hill climb for another cooler day.

Sunday beach markets pc 128_4000x3000

There’s the iconic hi-rise outline of Surfers Paradise on the horizon.

I think I will stop for a coffee and ice-cream at that little kiosk.

Hope you enjoyed your walk in the sun.

To enjoy more walks around the world visit Jo’s blog and join her for Monday morning rambles.

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Travel Theme : Numbers

 After nearly 8 months roaming around New Zealand and Australia. Visiting family and friends and house sitting in 3 different locations it is good to be home and getting back into rediscovering the things I like to do.

One of my favourites is going to the local Saturday Farmer’s Market.

when Ailsa gave us NUMBERS as the “travel theme” this week I grabbed my camera as I hopped on my bike to restock the fridge and pantry with the freshest produce around.

Burleigh farmers markets pc 035_3264x2448

Notice the bags of peas ready shelled and purple carrots

Numbers were everywhere.

Burleigh farmers markets pc 002_3264x2448

That is a very good price for an armful of sunshine. But difficult to carry home on the bike, especially as today is hot and sunny but also windy.

Burleigh farmers markets pc 029_2448x3264

farmers markets 037_1294x921

Here they are at $2-50 per kg. I consider bananas a staple and we have one every day with cereal for breakfast.

Burleigh farmers markets pc 028_3264x2448

Burleigh farmers markets pc 032_2448x3264

 There are other things you can find at this market. So after putting my fruit and vegetable purchases into my saddlebags I just love wandering around taking in the vibes and atmosphere.

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On the way home : Lingering Look at Windows

Only 3 kilometres along the coast from Trial Bay gaol is the charming little seaside town of South West Rocks. Our friends put it as a “must see” and recommended we definitely should visit it.

After the walk to the lighthouse and being immersed in gaol life all morning the time had flown round to 3-30pm, coffee time. First priority was to find some where open. A local bakery is always a good choice. We made it just as they were closing but they made a good coffee and we chose one of their home-made meat pies to sustain us.

I think we must’ve been all “photo’d” out. Do you ever get like that?  As walking around the small shopping area we just looked and didn’t take any photos. Then I spotted some windows and had to snap them. So here are a few window photos.

South West Rocks P C 074_4000x3000

I rather like this colour combination.

Then we walked round the corner and down to the beach. This apartment block was all windows.

South West Rocks P C 084_2266x2434

When we turned round it was just WOW what a view they have.

South West Rocks P C 081_4000x3000

South West Rocks P C 085_3846x2848

South West Rocks P C 098_4000x3000

With views like this my photography mojo was turned back on.

What a great place to sit and contemplate or meditate

What a great place to sit and contemplate or meditate

South West Rocks P C 100_3894x2718

I tried to catch that magical effect of the sun sparkling like diamonds on the ocean. I vaguely remember reading some where that there is a special expression used to describe this and it has a calming effect on the mind. Can any one out there tell me what it is?

It was a beautiful moment watching the swimmers enjoying the ocean.

So ends another interesting day, not many more days before we will be heading home to the Goldcoast.


G’day Dawn. I’m sneaking in a second post about windows this week.

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